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  1. ‘17 Monsdale Followed by a ‘14 BRC on a hot summer day
  2. Evening all! First up an excellent MUR E2 Finishing the night with a ‘12 PC
  3. Last night’s start to the weekend Couple tonight after a long Saturday of work Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Church and yard work are done so decided it would be a Punch Day ‘01 SS2 this cab had storage problems at some point before arriving state side. Shame but they are a shadow of the ‘02’s that came before them. Then on to an ‘09 Tubo... these are awesome!
  5. Saturday night session after/during some playoff hockey LUB ‘14 Followed by a RAE ‘14 PC Typical shitty cuban construction, haha
  6. Started the night with a ‘99 Lonsdale BUT MAY ‘12 D4 to finish Excellent evening!
  7. UPE Mar ‘13 cab to put the weekend to bed
  8. After a recent health scare at the ripe old age of 38 I’ve come the same conclusion. Going to be a summer of great cigars!
  9. Started the draft with a LUM Jul ‘13 Reyes Finishing with an RMS Oct ‘12 Winnie
  10. SdC #2 followed up by a BPC, was a good night

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