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  1. Don’t think the discussion of the person who is selling is relevant to this. If someone has a problem with people using there photos to check the products legit then would steer well clear. Too many scammers on Facebook some loads of people swear were legit till there outed.
  2. It will be. The shots will be for same time you just get less liquid out and a sweeter shot.
  3. La Flor de cano casanovas were last one I think, quite a nice petit robusto
  4. Build up relationships and friendships with vendors/botls most countries even Italy Spain have vendors that will ship. Unfortunately though due to the amount of flippers who have appeared over last few years the good botl are less likely to share there vendors unless they know the person very well and the flippers won’t as they want to pull your knickers down in the secondary market. It’s that bad even people in the country of release are struggling to get new RE as people are buying shops whole stock to sell online to male a profit from others.
  5. Sure that was not H&F the uk importer they coined the term bloom I believe to have a nicer word than mould to use.
  6. Hello morty always good too see another Scot
  7. Since there both nicotine. It's more swapping method of delivery. Like changing from drinking vodka to whisky
  8. Not as far off as you would think, developers are having to put in solar panels on new housing to get planning permission. New Tory government cut funding is why the target won't be hit. This petrol/diesel proposal is only affecting new cars from that date and is only sole petrol/diesel so basically saying all cars need to be electric hybrids.
  9. I was all set to buy a peter James case cause they are stunning but they wanted 80usd shipping to uk time add that and vat in uk was coming in at 500 usd. I can get a custom hand made one to my spec one of a kind for that sort of money so sadly passed on it. They would not move to a reasonable priced courier.
  10. Did not want to link to retailers as also cigar seller but for sale from few places in uk about £85 mark Here is the halfwheel article http://halfwheel.com/adorini-bringing-new-cutter-cigar-bag-ipcpr-2017/161547
  11. Adorini now make one of these type of cases. 1/3 of the price plostrich one
  12. You must be all flying from different terminal than uk flights I use as really poor selection in that terminal
  13. I wish lol. Only 2 were mine rest I picked up for botl friends.
  14. Smoked 3-4 from 2 boxes so far and very good no burn issues either
  15. I would be shocked if he did not try and charge you too [emoji23][emoji23]

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