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  1. You need to visit Cava Nava, they have a large walk in. Found some nice aged sticks when i was there. And yes - eat as much pintxos as you can. I want to go back!
  2. Taken home from Cuba a week ago, Left to right: Custom robustos by Yolanda, 5pack Partagas E2, Custom Robusto and corona extra from Miguel at the LCDH Pueblo La Estrella, Custom Salamones from Reynaldo at the Conde De Villanueva, Custom piramides by Yolanda, Noella glass jar, Diplo ER cuba, and lastly some farm rolls
  3. Good info, So how about exchanging other currencys than EUR or USD to CUC. Do the cadecas or banks accept for example SEK (swedish money) Someone wrote that credit cards will give you a bad exchange rate, is that really so? Most banks will add ~1,5% as standard fee for currency conversions in any country. Are cuba worse there? Thanks.
  4. +1 for Cigar Geeks app and online function of "online humidor". From the online humidor you can export an excel as backup. Works great but i have had some issues with duplicates; add an entry (box or cigar) on the mobile app, sync, then there is two of those online. Can be sorted by removing one and do a resync.
  5. Came in a few weeks ago from a hand-picked-clearance. They look absolutely stunning, TOS DIC15
  6. Box of Bolivar Coronas Gigantes from the new years sale, ESO code. Looks great, - thanks Rob and the crew!
  7. Great review as always guys. I'm now tempted to smoke the one single i've got of this cigar.
  8. I very much prefer the Coffey Malt over the Grain Skickat från min SM-G920F via Tapatalk
  9. PSP/HQ Short Churchills LAS MAR15. And some Club Allones (not from the Prez) EML JUL15, not the prettiest wrappers on those...
  10. Just in from the host: 08 Diplo #5 and -15 Upman no2 (LUB)
  11. Box of MUO JUL14 "hand picked" RyJ Churchills from the host. Recent 24:24. Go to sleep now...
  12. And som singles, SLR Churchill, LGC mdo no1, LGC Tainos and a Vigia
  13. Some older boxes, picked up in Spain. Bolivar Inmensas from -02 an Vegas Robaina Familiar from -07
  14. RyJ Cazadores from 2008, really nice, lots of smoke, full bodied and quite strong but thankfully it has lost some of its nicotine over the years.
  15. Some resent HQ/PSP purchases from the host. ULA JUL14: GEO ABR14: BUM OCT14:
  16. Eight customs, (Apr-14, Canonazo) rolled by Yolanda From a BOTL here in SE,
  17. Got a 10-pack of the new PL Picadores, two Partagas SP -14, and some lgc mdo 4. Curious about the pl's, but i'll let them rest til spring i think.
  18. From a weekend trip to Madrid, various B&M's. Lovely place by the way, perfect temperature right now Boxes of RA Grandes (still plenty around) and RG Panatela Extras. The really long ones are Sancho Panza Sanchos (from a pre 2000 box). Two oily H Up no2. VR Familiar. Punch Gran Robusto ER 2009. Two RG Lonsdales and finally two HdM Coronas pre 2000 - probably quite dry, took a chance on those... No PL Legendarios to be found anywhere
  19. First and only CdO Gran Corona I had, really nice. Yes - I dropped the ash in the knee...
  20. Was in Frankfurt this past weekend at the F1 race in Hockenheim. Had a few hours in the city to look for cigars. Wolsdorf has renamed/rebranded to Davidoff of Geneva. Selection was quite poor, mostly RyJ. Nothing with any age.. Did not stock any RE. Very nice store and walk-in though. By accident i found Tabakhaus Buttner at Kornmarkt 9. A bit better selection, still a lot of RyJ but also Partagas, HU and HdM. All fresh stock. They had some singles of the RG Petit Pyramid German RE which i brought home

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