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  1. 2016 prices: Welcome Dinner - Meliá Cohiba (100 CUC) Playa Day (Club Habana?) (75 CUC) Hector Luis finca (75 CUC) Gala Dinner (170 CUC) 2017 prices: Welcome Dinner - 150 CUC Playa Day - 80 CUC Hector Luis finca/Countryside 300 CUC Gala Dinner - 250 CUC I couldn't find 2018 prices but I think they are the easiest ones with a little search.
  2. No but if you search for "Partagás festival" in the title search you will find a thread where I posted some recent years price.
  3. Very common in online auctions. The problem is the "professional" snipers in live floor auctions. The bastard is paid just to raise the max bid and as a professional he knows when to stop. But live floor auctions is another game. And a dangerous game if you are not cold enough to play it.
  4. I would marry a Cuban woman. Win/win situation ?
  5. Sorry, guys, I didnt read all the posts but I can confirm: a) the old partagas factory will be going to turn in a "cigar hotel"; b) there is a new partagas factory where there are tours (Calle San Carlos in Central Havana).
  6. Hey, guys, I want to tell you that I am facing some dark clouds in my life at the moment. Marriage stuff. If I stop posting and someone wants to contact me try the inbox or my personal email (handle in Hotmail). I like you all (most of you ?). See you
  7. This is the info I got. Not 100% sure but I think at least there will be a regional with this name.
  8. I love the "cuban" flag in the picture 4 original link https://www.la-croix.com/Culture/Diner-blanc-Cuba-pique-nique-francais-ambiance-americaine-2019-04-07-1301013973 google translation
  9. Dinner in white in Cuba: French picnic and American atmosphere Guests at the "Dinner in White", in the gardens of the Hotel Nacional, April 6, 2019 in Havana, Cuba / AFP "Dress all in white, the atmosphere, the champagne, the glitter, I love!": Like Kay Barns, coming from Florida, hundreds of Americans participated Saturday night at the first White Dinner of Cuba, a giant picnic good chic good kind of French inspiration. Ignoring the diplomatic tensions between Havana and Washington,
  10. thanks. I just tried to point, without sucess, that this is an international forum so to have better answers it would be good to indicate temperature in both systems. maybe it's time to use Kelvin!
  11. Alex interview I love Havana for Americans | Mar 27, 2018 An Exclusive Interview with Alex González from the Hotel Comodoro Cigar Shop, let's play it! https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-ksket-8e668e
  12. I am pretty sure some aussie members will contact you. They stayed a couple of days there last november before going to cuba. Rob told me about a vip lounge but I think just if a member invites you can enter. Panama being a tax haven things can get expensive there.

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