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  1. oliverdst

    Cuban Hotel Star Ratings

    the downstairs Cafeteria is 24 hours and have decent sandwiches and even pasta if I am not wrong. last november I stayed in a casa and went to the bathroom to take a shower. the water scalding. I opened the cold water and... nothing. I waited some minutes and nothing changed. So I just did what I could with the hot water and next day I asked the owner about it. she said "easy! you just have to use the sink" it turns out that for some pressure issue the cold shower water would work just if you open the sink water and then you could have a fresh bath. I was totally ok with it but it was curious.
  2. oliverdst

    New Habanos releases pics

    El Rey del Mundo Taínos (10ct) El Rey del Mundo La Reina (24ct ?) Punch La Isla (10ct)
  3. oliverdst

    Cuban Hotel Star Ratings

    I've just remembered that the current Partagas shop (the famous building) will become a hotel. Well, at least this is the plan. Maybe not a 5 star but at least something to the aficionados.
  4. oliverdst

    Cuban Hotel Star Ratings

    I stayed in Melia Cohiba and Nacional. I agree both are 3 in international standards BUT no place has the aura Nacional has. The patio, the animals, the malecón, the architecture... all together make it a special place. But, yeah, being rational, 3 stars.
  5. oliverdst


  6. It´s an event in Havana every november. "The “Partagás” week more than event it has become a friendly meeting that gathers all Habanos lovers around the world, once a year in Havana, for exchanging news and information, knowing about new products or just simply to spend a nice time together and smoking a good cigar."
  7. I think @Ryan had advanced this to us some weeks ago, not sure about the days, I think he mentioned 18-22. 25-29 is ok to me.
  8. oliverdst

    2019 Habanos EL Releases

    Sorry, I wasn't clear. I meant Habanos can do whatever they want (boxes, prices, formats, triple rings...) and no matter what they revenue will rise.
  9. oliverdst

    2019 Habanos EL Releases

    Yes, 10ct to RA and 25ct with bling boxes to Quai and Monte.
  10. oliverdst

    2019 Habanos EL Releases

    profiting. Habanos sales increased 7% in 2018. Fresh numbers from Havana.
  11. oliverdst

    2019 Habanos EL Releases

    25 « Senadores » in an exclusive luxury box. Hermoso Nº2 shape (48 x 157) "luxury boxes"... when you think it cant get any more expensive.
  12. oliverdst

    2019 Habanos EL Releases

    Already in Mexico playas?!?!
  13. oliverdst

    New App Habanos World

    I like the auction thing.

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