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  1. oliverdst

    Pop up sale tomorrow

    "Stupidly cheap" is better than "free box". Maybe we will not crash the site 😁
  2. oliverdst

    100 Euro Note

    I didn't know that there are places that accept other currencies than CUC. The touristical places may accept but I can't see the point of not changing them just to save few bucks. No way I want to have a discussion with the waiter about his currency rate. I always change Euros to CUC and just use it the whole trip. I usually bring 100 bills but it depends on how much I want to spend. If I go bigger 200 or 500 bills make more sense.
  3. oliverdst

    For 2019

    I am a nubber so wood is a problem.
  4. Bro, this is serious if you are not joking. How are your internet habits?
  5. I think this was the reason the thread was locked for some hours. People can be deceived.
  6. Let us know if you bought it how much you paid for it. Morbid curiosity. I heard €13/unit. Petit robusto. Hard to believe this will be the price in Iceland.
  7. lol did you do it or saw it somewhere else?
  8. Cory, if a party of 6 in not enough stick with your initial plan and go with your daddy.
  9. oliverdst

    Hump Day Humour: Fireworks.

    I like this one
  10. It's a YES, brother. A lot of shit going on here*. I couldn't confirm before. Thanks. *Here = my life. Not this thread or FoH. FoH is fun all the time.
  11. oliverdst

    Are you childish?

    I am 42 yo. If I compare when my parents were 42 I am a baby. In my age they were all married, with children, almost grandparents, no big changes in the horizon. Things are very different nowadays. At least where I live.
  12. Monday 12th - Accreditation at Partagás. Tuesday 13th - Welcome dinner at Nacional. Wednesday 14th - Day at the countryside, end of afternoon heading to Varadero and sleeping there. Dinner at the beach. Thursday 14th - Beach day. From Varadero to Cayo Blanco and in the end of the day back to Havana. Friday 16th - Gala dinner at Habana Libre.
  13. what I know is that there is a kind of test to anyone who wants to be a roller. the ones who have a minimum hability starts a course and after that, if a score is reached, he/she is hired to work in one of the many factories in Cuba. I understand that there is a quality control and someone checks the skills of the roller in a regular basis. reaching level 9 I think he/she is able to go to the "best" factories. I am just speculating but I am pretty sure that to reach Laguito you must follow one of the two roads: exceptional skills or politics. maybe both? talking to a roller last june she told me that is a pain to travel around the globe. maybe it is an age issue but in her words "it's work. not tourism".

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