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  1. Hi all, just picked up a dress box at the Hotel Nacional on Friday. There were four others left. Dec. 18 date code, with nice wrappers on the darker side. Happy to post a pic when they are done with the deep freeze on Thursday.
  2. I noticed that on my last trip late last year they have installed a full Casa de Tabac in the departure lounge, along with a separate glass enclosed storage humidor. There was a lounge chair or two around and the setup seemed much more professionalized than when I was there between 07-10, when your options were basically hole in the wall kiosks and one duty free shop that had a shelf behind a sales counter. Prices were consistant with LCDH, and selection was suprisingly decent for an airport (1966's were in stock). The hole in the wall sandwich/beer/cigar sellers are still there, but at some point they seemed to have fixed things up with the Casa de Tabac...whether it's lipstick on a pig, I'm not sure, but it's prettier, and I'm personally more comfortable sending someone there than in the past. That said, you're doing friends a cultural favor sending them on a sightseeing tour to every LCDH in Havana
  3. That sucks...I figured there was another shoe to drop when prices went up in Cuba. Even with the price increase by online vendors before the recent Cuban one, it has gotten to the point where there is only a 5-15% difference between prices online and on the island. They cant miss out on all those BOTL tourist dollars. Lol.
  4. Hi All, New member, but longtime Canuck reader of this wonderful community -- I'll do a more formal intro shortly, but I just got back from the island on Sunday and can provide some updated LCDH prices for the curious. I mentioned this elsewhere and thought it would be helpful to some FOH members, so I hope you don't mind a cross-post. Confirmed Current prices (in CUC's): R+J Short Churchills - 6.95 ea - 10 for 69.50 Partagas 8-9-8 - 9.00 each - 10 for 90 RASCC - 3.65 each - Box of 25 for 91.25 SCDLH El Principe - 4.00 each - box of 25 for 100 H Upmann Half Coronas 2.80 - box of 25 for 70 RA Extras LE 2011 - 6.15 - Box of 25 for 153.75 Monte GE 2010 - 10.50 - Box of 10 for 105 (the EL's I saw seem to have held their price) Cohiba Siglo IV - 40.00 for a 3 pack, so something close to 13.33 each. Monte 2 - 92 and change for a 10 pack (I forget the exact amount). Most Pirámides are now priced somewhere between 8.00 - 9.50 each. Cohiba's seem to have gone up by 30% across the board, but there it's not true that everything else is up 15%. For example, in the case of the El Principe they went from 3.25 to 4.00 which is a 23% increase. Hope this helps and I can't wait to hear the stories from the festival!

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