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  1. The guaranteed 1kilo lamb kebab in Marrickville from a shop on corner Marrickville rd. and Victoria street from memory when I worked in the area a few years back
  2. Yes please may never get a chance again to try these mail being sent.
  3. Would be great for league series if this happened
  4. Had to vote for Bon Scott, just love AD/DC, best music
  5. Would like to put some faces to names and meet the czar crew so i'm in.
  6. It may seem kinda cheap but just some basic malibu on ice with a few cigars lately has been quite nice while the weather has been hot.
  7. Yes ty Sven first time i had a chance at LFTH, much enjoyed Also ty to those behind the scenes
  8. yeah 11.45pm in southern highlands nsw, 29.2c can't wiat till 6.00am they say it might be 10 degrees cooler lmao
  9. Had to think about it for a while and came to the decision of Alan Alda. I know he has done many things in entertainmaent industry but it would be great to have a fish with him on river bank just to thank him for childhood memories from from watching the mash series, still love it when i see a re-run.
  10. When it is hot lets face it who cares these days unless your opening the door to sales people or your kids friends, I also see little difference to wearing budgie smugglers to be honest unless the material is a little worn . I guess this started around the time of realizing that when i got home there was no need to impress anybody or conform to what is referred to as the norm in past society.
  11. Eristoff Vodka in any thing i can find that is cold, still only 38 degrees here at 9.07 pm
  12. My PC, covers all bases for home entertainment, while kids destroy the house. Oh and my headphones
  13. best smoke i think i've had so far just lovely age unknown came with some samples i selected.
  14. Sad to hear this grew up with thunder birds as well, it was a great series tto watch lots of memories.
  15. Quite a good idea but i'm not sure if i would hang them on a wall, possibly a floor standing unit though.

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