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  1. Why would he bring you back rum to loose $$ on it?
  2. not sure when it opens, but it usually closes at 8p
  3. No idea. Nothing surprises me in Cuba. Those are the dates that worked best for me. That is why I said "(if it is on the Monday)". As I mentioned before, my primary goal is to be there for the 500th.
  4. Only for the past few years. The 15 Encuentros or so before then, the welcome evening was always on the Monday.
  5. I have booked Nov 11-19 with some friends to take advantage of both the 500th anniversary, and the opening night for the Partagas Encuentro (if it is on the Monday). I much prefer the opening evening to the rest of the scheduled events during the week. I am not concerned about any "security risk"
  6. I have ULE JUL 14 and PUO AGO 14. I'll burn one in a few days.
  7. MrGinger

    Cuba Trip Report- 2nd Hand

    There isn't. The shop beside Floridita is a Casa del Ron y Tabaco...(Dodgy at best), and the shop at Manzana is a Cohiba Atmosphere. The author also talks about an LCDH on Mercaderes. That is incorrect. It is a Casa del Tabaco, not an LCDH.
  8. I've had plans to be there for the 500th anniversary celebration for quite some time. I have a few casas in Vieja reserved from Nov 7-18. Hope to smoke with a bunch of you down there!
  9. MrGinger

    Cuban Hotel Star Ratings

    That is about how I would classify them also. Nacional , Melia Cohiba, Melia Habana, Raquel, Ambos Mundos 3.5*, Inglaterra, Sevilla, Telegrafo 3, Plaza 2.5, Duville 2
  10. Unless you have build strong relationships with managers in the LCDH's in Havana over the years, your chances of finding legit grand reservas are pretty much non-existent.
  11. I use Imodium for 'basic' diarrhoea and always travel with Cipro when off the beaten track.
  12. MrGinger

    Seattle, WA

    Smokey Joe's in Fife (30 min south of Seattle) is worth checking out!
  13. Monte Open RASS PSD4 Cuaba Guantanamera
  14. MrGinger

    Your Standout Regional

    LG Gloriosos 2008 RA CF 2009 tied - Boli Simones 2007 / PL Encantos 2010
  15. Give me a shout when you are going to be in Vancouver, BC. I'll meet up for a cigar or two.

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