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  1. gurman


    Didn't find Legendarios as well!
  2. gurman


    Found everything with exception of Diplomaticos...
  3. gurman


    Really strange! Until now everyone told me about basement of Gimeno (Ramblas 100).
  4. gurman


    Thanks! Really great news. Frankly most desired boxes - Diplomaticos CP, Gran Robusto and Boli 108.
  5. gurman


    Sorry... Message "Site temporarily unavailable" appeared. This is the reason of double messaging.
  6. Planned to travel to Barcelona tomorrow. As I understand the best shops are: La Rambla 100 and Via Laietana 4. (Of course if it will be possible will travel to Andorra). I don't need cigars at all, because all my humidors are full and many boxes outside of them vacuum sealed. So only Regional editions or rare (vintage) boxes are interesting. Is it problem to smoke in the town? Who can tell me about their duty free? Thanks in advance.
  7. gurman

    Check this out

    I don't see any crime if this is the ONLY suspicious thing.
  8. I'm sure, that fakemakers couldn't do such an error!
  9. gurman

    San Cristobal - Marualla - fake?

    Frankly, cannot believe that it can be sign of fake! All the rest (including taste) spot on! Is it possible that 2 versions of bands printed without announcement? (Otherwise I think we could see it on Trevors' site).
  10. gurman

    San Cristobal - Marualla - fake?

    Do you want to say that HABANA (instead of Habana) on SCdlH bands is the sign of fake? I bought box of Fuerzas some time ago with such inscription. Everything the rest looks OK. Just checked Trevors' site - there is no band with capitalized HABANA. Is this a proof of fake??? (Box code MLO MAY11).
  11. gurman


    Some time ago I thought about Palio but didn't buy it because they provide for 52 RG cigars. So what about thicker?
  12. Can you tell more detailed about these units? Preferable with links. In case of any "political" problems - PM me. Thanks.
  13. gurman

    How to start OLH

    So I have to buy 3 boxes at once for the first time?
  14. Was a great fan when I was very-very young. But the last album for me was Sabotage. Since Technical Ecstasy it was the different band.
  15. Rugby - Bulls Soccer - Wolverhampton Wanderers (alas!) Books - Jorge Luis Borges Music - Bach, Coltrane Movies - Fellini
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