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  1. I have a good friend who is now a father of 2 despite taking precautions (She was on the pill for #1 and his vasectomy didn't take for #2) Now, you can say that even if your choice of contraception doesn't prove effective, there is still another option, but that raises a moral question that even you have to admit would be difficult for some people. Is the possibility of a successful profession in your chosen field worth the moral quandary you find yourself in? Some people would say yes, others no But the fact that think it is as black and white as that is a little disturbing
  2. Large format cigars seems to be out of favor with the non internet cigar buyer as most people don't have a spare 90min to 2 hours for a cigar Hell, I cant seem to find time for a PC these days, so I can understand why the wider community wouldn't be interested in them People seem to forget that this forum (and others like it) are not a fair representation of cigar buyers as a whole
  3. Like, for example, someone in their mid-late 20's who wants to get out of the minimum wage cycle and make something of themselves?
  4. The idea of community is no one should be left behind. A community who sees someone fall down but offers no assistance to get back up is a dangerous thing. Imagine if everything you had went to Sh!t and someone said to you "not my problem". The strong are meant to help the weak. There is a difference between giving them the world and giving them enough to live on without having to slog their guts out 60 hours a week in order to feed their family. The needs of the many should out way the needs of the few. That's something I think a lot of people have forgotten lately College is part to
  5. Must be cold up in your ivory tower... So, what you're essentially saying is that someone who has made less than idea choices in their early life or has not been in a position to seek the opportunities they need to drag themselves out of poverty, deserve to stay in poverty due to the sins of their past or general laziness? Also, what are people meant to do during those "few years time" until they "make a living wage"?
  6. Also, some would call this "Neo Marxist" (whatever that means) I call it food for thought
  7. I notice Child Care isn't on that list My Diploma Qualified missus full time wage is in the low $40k range and that's "above award", I'm told Its a sad state when you can earn more money working in a bottle shop (liquor store) than you can looking after children Its a good thing she loves her work or I would've convinced her to change industries years ago
  8. Nothing says "happy valentines day" like a phone call from a One Night Stand telling you she thinks she's pregnant...
  9. If you take the global brands out of the equation, I imagine the next best selling marca would be neck and neck between Bolivar and RA Can blame distributors for going where the sales are. Sure more Sancho or Fonseca REs would be nice, but outside of the "Internet Cigar Community" they don't really sell unless they have a little flash (Eslavos being a good example) and then that flash costs extra, which the ICC then bitches about. Personally, I'd rather the RE program get scaled back and the more popular releases be added to the marcas reg production line up or semi reg production LCD
  10. Diplomatico #6 In my opinion, the HSA portfolio needs 2 things, more regular production Diplomatico Vitolas and more long and skinny formats Lets kill 2 birds with one stone
  11. Also, Shitload (Colloquial) The amount of cow manure that will fit in the bed of a 3/4 ton pickup. For fresh, wet, stinking manure, this would be 750 pounds. For dry manure, something less, perhaps 500 pounds. or Shitload more than an assload but still less than a f&%kton.
  12. New forum ideas 2018 (the year of the pun) FOH Sale- P2P private sales page UnFOHgettable- Collection of the forums best posts FOHget About It- Page for worst box codes and crap batches Are you FOH Real- Best and Most Convincing Fakes
  13. Tell me about it All the great American Trucks either cant be purchased here or cost upwards of $100k after conversion and import costs Ford Aus are talking about releasing a "Raptor" here based off the popular Ford Ranger platform Chances are it'll be a Ranger Wildtrack with a sticker pack and a body kit thought

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