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  1. I am half way thru' my Jar and I agree with everything OP said. These are so under the a Jar you will not be sorry..There was some primo leaf that went into these for sure. Superb cigars.
  2. I am not that experienced with San Cristobal but I took a flyer on the very under the radar Torreon Jar and boy was I impressed. Fantastic cigars, one of my top 3 cigars for 2015. Smooth, medium bodied full of complex flavors and the aroma when you open the Jar OMG worth it just for that alone. I would advise anyone to pick up a Jar or two as they are a steal at present prices.
  3. La Escepcion Don José if I can find them outside of Italy.
  4. I am late to this thread but I am on my 3rd 15 box of these. These are my go to golfing cigars to enjoy and share care free with whomever I happen to be enjoying a round with. For the price I think they are very good, yes they may not have aged as well in the cardboard but they are still very smooth and flavorful to me. Goes without saying, they wont blow you away but they are not supposed to, for an everday aged cuban I think they are definately worth a pick up.
  5. The RyJ Churchills Reserva dont suck
  6. Interesting topic. Ah those darn all plays a part the positive video reviews, the cigar board hype and chatter, the price of the cigar. Yes, you bet if I pay $150 a stick for a CGR it better damn well be great... I find myself regularly being pleasntly surprised by say a $10 Boli Gold medal versus the uber premium sticks that for me mostly do not live up to the hype. As a wise man once said "The key to a happy life is to keeps ones expectations low"
  7. Got to try one of these the other day and boy was I surprised. I have had many RyJs Churchills over the years and most were just blah, light wood one dimensional flavors. A novices cigar if you will. My expectations were not great for this, but this was unlike any RyJ Church I have had before. This thing has a lot of ligero, so much so I was feeling light headed about half way down, the last time that happened to me was with a young Lancero years ago. Really strong pronounced flavors of leather and wood and other flaviors I couldnt quite put my finger on but they were good These should hav
  8. Rob, Whats going on with these....Any pricing info or sign of these yet??...
  9. +1 on AC/DC Thunderstruck. Very hard to top that. RUSH - Limelight
  10. Yes, me too. For me this is the only way to go. If anyone cares so much about my opinion and is seeking my validation, I would be humbled and compelled to smoke the thing over a few drinks and a good chat!
  11. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion - Robert Cialdini PHD "Influence, the classic book on persuasion, explains the psychology of why people say "yes"—and how to apply these understandings" The most insightful book I have ever read. Everyone trust me on this.....just buy it.
  12. Recent Production: Monte 520 by a mile Older: Partagas Serie P2 SVF May 05
  13. Behikes have been consistently dissapointing to me. The 1966 are better by a mile, and remind me a lot of the Sublimes at the same stage.

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