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  1. Hijacking a bit, but still of relevance to the topic at hand... I've been asking around, but does anyone know if the Habanos SA stamp on the black lacquered box is ink or burned in on the 2012s? I've seen some irregularities amongst these in both construction and packaging over the last few weeks. Just wondering if a new Miami constructed shipment hit the docks.
  2. This sounds like we'll have a good turn out; it'll be nice to put some real faces to the phoney names.
  3. Look at the hygrometers... last time I was there they were at 52%. Num, num. You aren't going to get out of that area in Mexico with any deals, but I'd stick to the LCDH in town that you passed on your way there.
  4. Left foot, 5th metatarsal. Such a dumb injury. I feel for you on your ankle; much mor significant than my boo-boo.
  5. Now you have to sell it to us poor schmucks via forums.
  6. I stood up from a patio chair to reach for my lighter, rolled my ankle, and broke my foot. The cigar had a broken foot too. It was destiny and that $%^er was the cause of it all.
  7. Merc and Muralla are my absolute favorites... the tea and cedar flavors are a great change of pace.
  8. I've been on the fence with buying these, but I guess I just need to do it.
  9. Faaaancy... You made me a bit giddy for the mail next week.
  10. Infinitely cooler than the store bought cheesecake that got. My wife better up the ante...
  11. Maybe they just haven't come up with any ideas for how to charge $40 for a PR yet...
  12. I'm quite envious of your little deer camp. Actually, I'd be envious of anything with running water during the AZ deer/elk hunts.
  13. I'm pleasantly surprised by all the VR love out there... I would have expected a 50:50 Monte versus Upmann debate.
  14. At least we seem to know some folks around here already....

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