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  1. Happy Easter to all I on the other hand am getting married this weekend...
  2. Vitulla

    Hi from the land of poutine !

    Hello hello. Will get that pic out to you ASAP...
  3. Very cool I read this in 2 days after my first cruise Excellent insight in the cruise business.
  4. amazing, and good luck. Cruised on the celebrity reflection for new years...what a treat. If I may ask what will you be doing? Also in Puerto Rico there is a nice cigar store called The Cigar House. If your looking for hard to find Non Cubans, they have them. Especially Liga Privadas. When I went, they have the full line up, Unicos included. Full retail but they are all there!
  5. Sometimes it's not even the cigar, it's the mindset
  6. I'll take a HQ please Thanks Danny
  7. I do know that they are available at lcdh, but was wondering when they would hit Canadian online vendors.
  8. Any idea when Canadian vendors should start seeing these?
  9. no sir, been following for a few weeks looking for them. even pmed el pres, but no sign of life from him today. as long as I get my box, im a happy camper!
  10. That's what I read all last year before I went but prices were exactly what the online lists had posted.
  11. ill be watching. Thats 8pm est
  12. Went in August, stayed at Melia Buenavista and went twice. Good selection, service was good. At first I wasn't allowed in the humidor, but once the boxes started pilling up, we were waved in. Just make sure to look in the boxes, the only box I didn't inspect there had minuscule signs of mold, caught it in time. Another month on the shelf and they would of been in way worst shape. Please let me know what the stock is like, I have my mom going late March. Thanks

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