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  1. You hand over your credit card, they come back in about an hour, and you get your box. Then hope you have a good mobile connection to cancel all those "extra" charges or receive calls from your CC provider.
  2. That's what I usually do when I have guests over. Now that I have a Billi hot water tap (constant filtered hot water), I just quickly fill the cup to heat up. Also easier to make long blacks, as I fill the glass with about 100ml, then pour a shot of espresso on top.
  3. The cigars go into the side sections next to the glasses. The bottom drawer holds parlour games.
  4. You must like the design, Rob. You posted a nearly identical one a couple months back. Only difference being, this one was a retirement gift, whereas the other was the 1st place prize for a heifer. Both in the same year too!
  5. My bro just bought a Jura S8. He wanted something like my Delonghi Primadonna S Deluxe, but for the price, the Jura S8 is a better machine. A friend has actually been trying to get me to update to a Breville Oracle. Told him I would be more than happy to change, on the proviso that he can convince my mother it is a better, easier to use machine than my current one. I do not see that ever happening.
  6. Add another one to the "Do Not Touch" list Rob; now including power tools, gas barbecues and motorcycles.
  7. 3am right now. Got back in a few hours ago after a night out with some of the Sydney FOH boys. Will get up in 4.5hrs.
  8. The only time I see the sunrise is if I am coming home from a night out, I got way too engrossed in reading something on the internet, or I just bought a new Xbox game. Most other nights, I'm going to bed 2-3 hours before sunrise.
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/nov/23/astrazeneca-says-its-coronavirus-vaccine-has-70-per-cent-efficacy-covid-oxford-university "The Covid vaccine developed in the UK by Oxford University and AstraZeneca can protect 70.4% of people from becoming ill and – in a surprise result – up to 90% if a lower first dose is used, results from the final trial show."
  10. Heard that 2 shots are required; the first dose is actually a half dose, with a full dose a month later, for it to be 90% effective.

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