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  1. I'd actually advocate that. We're doing a shit job running the planet.
  2. Mike, don't bother with any tools for your Alfa. Just use the money to put a couple of Alfa mechanics on retainer. 😜
  3. I was watching this 2 nights ago. Love zombie flicks, always have a good chuckle.
  4. i believe they were purchased by Up and Down for reselling, so availability there will be a while after sales here and the shipping period.
  5. Picked up some Kalleske and a few Italian wines to try.
  6. Rob hopes that Di does not see this thread....
  7. Obviously this humidor/phone combo was designed for pre-Zoom long distance gatherings.
  8. And they can't drop the ash. Some of the ladies were giving the eventually winner a run for his money... From the last festival I attended: The prize in the background.
  9. Those are speed holes! They help you smoke faster when you have limited time.

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