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  1. Invent an all in one pregnancy/cholesterol/liver test kit that doubles as a protective shield from assaults (automatically calls for the police too), and is marketed in My Little Pony or Action Man print?
  2. In the past, that may have been so, but China is cleaning up their environment and practices faster than any other country. Over the last few years, they have shut down the biggest polluting factories, and switched over to more renewable energy sources. Do they have a long way to go? Absolutely, but I think China will definitely achieve their clean environment goals before any other industry centric nation.
  3. Fuzz


    That's a fairly polite term. I would have used a string of obscenities... and then have to moderate myself.
  4. Hands free "Hey Siri" function, huh? So what happens if a bunch of people are all wearing Air Pods and somebody says, "Hey Siri"?
  5. I'd happily sell it to anyway gullible enough to buy, if I had thought of it too.
  6. Fuzz

    What would you do?

    What? You mean you didn't immediately jump up and down, yelling to everyone in earshot, that this guy was ripping people off by selling fake Cuban cigars? And that you didn't run up to the front desk and demand that the person be fired, you receive compensation from the hotel from the trauma of smoking a fake Cuban, and also demanding a free upgrade to a suite?
  7. He's a bit late to the game. Clean & Green, Invigair8 and AuzAir have been doing this for several years. Green & Clean even had different varieties of air, package from locations around Australia (Blue Mountains, Tasmania, Bondi Beach).
  8. What?! No roshambo contest to decide the ultimate winner?!?! (and I don't mean the rock-paper-scissors version)
  9. That was the one thing that I craved when I got back home after my US/Cuba vacation last year. I had an almost manic need for a good cup of coffee. Whilst sitting in the airport in NZ, awaiting my connecting flight, I hunted down the nearest cafe and had 2 flat whites. Whilst they were not as good as my preferred "caffeine dealer" in Sydney, it was far better than that swill Americans call coffee. And I still have no idea how anyone can call those diabetic nightmare concoctions a "coffee". If the coffee is the last thing on the list of ingredients (besides water), then it isn't a coffee! It's not coffee that you crave, it's sugar!
  10. 1984 - Terminator 1991 - Terminator 2: Judgement Day 2003 - Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2009 - Terminator Salvation 2015 - Terminator Genisys
  11. I prefer my title; "Terminator 6 - The Grab For More Cash".
  12. I'll give it a go! Whingy Grub, Snarky Grub, Weepy Grub...
  13. Players wearing electrodes. Every time a boundary is scored, the bowling team gets an electric shock. Every time a batsmen gets out, the batting team gets a shock. Coaches are given a set number of "tactical" shocks. At the end of the match, the losing side (coach included), gets an electrical shock. That I would pay to see.
  14. Maybe the commentators and spectators have no clue who will be on the Aussie team?
  15. I was lucky enough to try a Partagas GR, given to me by a "friend" too. Was like a Sir Winston on steroids, but absolutely one of the smoothest cigars I have ever smoked. This thing was smoother than Billy D Williams with a can of Colt 45.

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