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  1. Quintero Favoritos (25) Petit Robusto (50 x 115) RMO JUN 18 Mostly Clearance The ultimate yard and fishing cigar. Sometimes we forget that cigars such as the favoritos are the backbone of many members humidors. A D4 to them is something special and a Cohiba Robusto is a dream. There is a time and place for a hefty yard cigar, fishing cigar, camping cigar, handing out to moochers who don’t smoke cigars….etal. Good Cuban toasted tobacco flavour but dry box if you can. Some can really surprise you but that is not what they are intended for. There are always those times when you just need a decent cigar that is going to be in the background. The definition of good “Cheap and Cheerful”
  2. Kraft can go suck eggs. They sold it to Bega fair and square. Coming back and saying, "Oh we didn't mean the packaging or intellectual property, just the factory and recipe." is BS. If Kraft wanted to keep all of that, they should never have split it off to Mondelez and then sell the company. But I don't really care. I haven't had Kraft/Bega PB for more than 10 yrs. I buy Skippy PB from Costco nowadays.
  3. Smooth. I can never look at crunchy peanut butter without being reminded of a story a friend told during his rotation through the geriatrics ward. Patient was suffering from fecal impaction and wore an adult diaper as they were incontinent. Not mentioning the smell, but when said diaper was removed.... my friend never bought crunchy peanut butter ever again.
  4. Well, if you are not the apex predator, you better be either at least of of these; small to go unnoticed, fast so you can get away, armoured to fend off the predator, unpalatable, deadly in your own right (poisonous or venomous) or big enough (or ornery like a Tassie Devil) that you can possibly take down that predator. Crocs and sharks have hardly evolved through time, because let's face it, they are true apex predators. There is bugger all that could take them down in their own natural environment. Without our technology, we would just be another light snack. Now for the rest of our predators, perhaps a deadlier venom helped them to take down prey faster. And being small, they went unnoticed by their prey until it was too late. I mean, I personally hate running. Would you want to run after your meal, or would you prefer to sneak up and have it drop dead only a short distance away? Humans being the frail creatures we are, and only newly arrived into Aus (~70k years ago), just got the bad end of the evolutionary stick. Either that, or Mother Nature decided to lock up all the small deadliest things on a remote continent she never thought anyone would bother going to, and we were stupid enough to ignore all the warning signs.
  5. More than $1, less than your first born male child.
  6. And that is why I want big bundles! I was very impressed with the quality and flavour, even for such young cigar and they weren't 100% on point yet.
  7. Australian Border Security have invested in several million dollars of bags of cement. At every entry point into the country, foreign visitors will be each given a small bag at Immigration to harden up before entry.
  8. Gonna go deep on the Nudies #1 and #3! Bundles of 50? Will there be an option for the #3 in bundles of 100?
  9. A mere pittance for that jump rope. What you want is the Karl Lagerfeld designed Louis Vuitton Punching Bag trunk! A steal at only $175k!!
  10. Better call this guy to serve it...
  11. Aww, come on! Public flogging used to be all the rage!! You know old trends come back into fashion sooner or later.
  12. Now, now. We don't condone that...
  13. Interesting. I do have reasons for being in Dallas...

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