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  1. I have a hard enough time trying to remember what I have, let alone what I have smoked!
  2. Great to hear you enjoyed your visit to Australia. You know, you could have steered south for a visit. Btw, is that Dali-esque moustache regulation? And how can you take a navy seriously when they name their ship Regina? Then again, we're no better. We named one of our ships Norman.
  3. Is it just me, a trick of the light, or is that a bit of mold in the second row of that CoRo bundle?
  4. Come on, at least they didn't put in 2 rows of half coronas.
  5. But what if the stale cigarette smell was masking something worse?!
  6. Odd. It was listed as a noun when I had compiled the list. If that is the case, then that is my bad. Will be double checking all the other words now.
  7. This one should be relatively easy. The other ones I've given are harder.
  8. I'm guessing electrodes attached to tender parts of your body is out of the question?
  9. Drinking makes the game more interesting. Nobody wants to be the ashhole who drops theirs all over the table or on themselves.
  10. When State of Origin or Bledisloe Cup are not going the way you want, forget the game and go for a long ash comp.
  11. Who doesn't like stewed fruits? Pears, apples, apricots, nectarines, berries, etc. Fantastic with some ice cream or on top of a custard. Can be added to porridge or Weet Bix for a tasty breakfast. Not only tasty but also good for you. I don't know how popular they are with Australians, but they are everywhere.

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