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  1. Calibrate them at the same time, in the same conditions, then take note of the variance and mark the hygrometers accordingly. That way you will have a better idea of what the Rh is in your humidor.
  2. This came in via your news feed? I know the NBN is slow, but news from 1898?!
  3. Quite shocked when I heard about this this morning. When I followed Aussie cricket as a kid, he was one of my favourite players.
  4. Have to agree, Ken, Great music.... with the sound turned off.
  5. Hygrometers calibrated? Don't forget to take into account the +/- accuracy of the hygros.
  6. The number one movie must be "Gotti" (2018) starring John Travolta. Not only is it about crime boss John Gotti, it is also a crime against humanity that a film this abhorrently crap was ever produced, let alone released. Anyone associated with making this film should have been arrested and put away for life.
  7. Vintage Dunhill Aladdin's Lamp lighter circa 1938. You lit the wick by pushing down on the plunger on the top, which activated the flap and spark igniter. Lifting the plunger will drop the flap, extinguishing the lighter. This version is from 1952 They were also known as Roman Lamps.
  8. That looks like something I would have sold back in my days as a purveyor of perversion. 😅
  9. Welcome to FOH. Normally it is customary to introduce yourself here, before asking assistance from the forum.
  10. A McGregor drinking rum? Perish the thought! It would be fine single malt Scotch.
  11. Correction: Sports cars like this are ill-suited to Australian roads.
  12. It's snake mating season, so you're gonna see a lot more of them around.

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