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  1. One more person vote "I Iove them", then I'll close the poll! Rob wins!
  2. Meant accents. I have no interest in that clap trap. The only Australian programming I watch is on the ABC. Lots of good stuff on the ABC.
  3. We speak the Queen's English over here. Despite what you may hear on Home & Away.
  4. Sitting in his chair on the deck, Rob decided to scurryfunge as Ken waffled on about Springsteen again, leaving Fuzz to listen politely. However, with his scurryfunge gait, it was difficult to traverse Ken's living room. The scattering of wine cartons, boxes of books, and mélange of knickknacks, made any hasty movement a hazardous endeavour. One would think that Ken would scurryfunge if guests were coming over. Ken took great umbrage as Rob's attempted escape had caused him to fall into a great pile of books; books that Ken had precariously stacked only a few hours before. Fuzz considered that it would be best to scurryfunge on the deck, waiting for the shitstorm to pass.
  5. Yep, SMG was a legit code for 2008. Montes, Cohibas, Upmanns, Fonsecas and Juan Lopez from '08 had SMG factory codes.

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