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  1. Redhead, 5'3", green eyes and the sweetest smile... oh wait, we were talking about cigars.
  2. Then I stand corrected... but will probably still pronounce it wrong!
  3. I picked that up too, Ken. Never heard Bacardi pronounced that way. Every time she says it during the podcast, it really stands out.
  4. Hate to say this but.... I've never seen Breaking Bad. I took Chem classes (even though they never counted against my Physics degree) for other reasons... 💣💥
  5. The 1 year of Chem I did in uni while I was doing a Bachelor of Physics is paying off!!
  6. The chicken. Don't know why anyone would want biscuits with chicken, though.... (yes, yes, I do know what Americans call "biscuits"... and they're wrong )
  7. Cut and test the draw from the foot. Or wrap some cling film around it first.
  8. Remember people, eat celery, nature's toothbrush.... for your colon!! Fibre Rich! Packed with Vitamins! Ribbed for Xtra Pleasure!
  9. Isn't it supposed to be, "Ribbed for her pleasure"? Or are you like this?.....
  10. Whilst those comments are amusing, you normally wouldn't be awake to give them if it was a colonoscopy, as they are usually done under a general anaesthetic. Most proctologists don't want you awake when they bring out the camera.... A sigmoidoscopy, however, is usually done while you are awake. That procedure only looks at the lower part of the colon, and requires far less prep.
  11. Would have been worth it if it was the other KFC, Korean Fried Chicken.

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