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  1. Still working my way down. Not gonna stop after this comp has ended.
  2. Have a look at the Nemuix and knockoff versions.
  3. Crew sleeping area. Need to get away from all you yahoos.
  4. Rob will insist it is a jacket affair... and then conveniently forget his.
  5. Fake photos. Whenever Rob say you need a jacket, he never wears one.
  6. Wrong. Let me correct you.: A: some weird Fuzz euphemism B: wrong, on so many levels.... that it could be right... but probably not... yeah, it's definitely not.
  7. It all depends on the person you're trading with. Some people do not see trades as needing to be completely equitable. I've traded/swapped cigars with friends that in no way compare in value, and vice versa. It's not about the value, it's about the friendship. Of course, trading with a stranger is completely different. Just comes down to how badly you want to try that elusive cigar.
  8. You can always trade for a Behike. I mean, if you've got 30+ years worth of cigars, it's not like you don't have some to spare for a trade.
  9. Time for Ben to crank up the output on the FOH IG account and become a Cuban Cigar Influencer. Star up a Patreon and OnlyFans too.
  10. You stayed at the Durrell Zoo? Must have been running out of things to exhibit....
  11. Where does it rank? I'll let you know when I finally watch it all the way through!
  12. I'd remove the foam if you are going to store them for aging.
  13. Though April in Parkes is usually cool weather, you can get some blistering hot days. Not conducive to black leather attire. And besides, most Elvis impersonators are not svelte individuals.
  14. Damn! 507lbs down to 302lbs?! That's some achievement. You have lost the equivalent of one Fuzz!
  15. The son in law's mother in law? Wouldn't that be your wife?
  16. You really don't know why walking to the club and staggering back home drunk from the club would take a different amount of time?
  17. That's his problem. Without glasses, he can't see those stands with the glasses!!
  18. @El Presidente you may need another Fat Bastard comp on your return!
  19. Great choice with that apartment! I noticed it has a fire blanket..... And you'd better check where the smoke alarm is.
  20. Whenever I read the thread title, I keep thinking I'm gonna see this posted....
  21. Then keep her away from Rob, especially if he starts giving any marriage advice!!
  22. Never been out that part of England, but oddly enough when reading that, the accent automatically popped in my head.

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