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  1. The Puros Indios Chief of yore was pretty eyebrow raising...
  2. I answered no, as I don't currently utilize one. I did for a bit a few years ago out of curiosity about it's utility as a medium of exchange.
  3. I find turning the thermostat way down helps push things along.
  4. As a whole, the Pythons were funnier than anything I see listed above. I've always felt that the whole was greater than the sum of it's parts with them...
  5. Vinyl. Though how the recording was mastered matters more.
  6. tigger

    Stop the Montesco

    Pretty much anything over 46 rg that isn't a figurado. I'll smoke the occasional Julieta No. 2, Robusto or Prominentes, but I wouldn't miss them if I never had another.
  7. At the moment, my picks are: 1. Richard Pryor 2. Bill Hicks 3. Steven Wright
  8. Many moons ago. Once. Lesson learned.
  9. Interesting, honest review, thanks. Based on it, I might try one at some point, which would be amazing, since I loathe this vitola and the trend it represents. Short, fat and thumblike is terrible. To me. More power to those who enjoy them. But a Cohiba with some darkness sounds intriguing. I actually really enjoy the occasional CE, Lancero or Siglo IV. To continue with some of the thoughts above, they are flan to the dark chocolate and cayenne cake that are the Partagas 898 and HU Mag 46s that I smoke most of the time. Sometimes flan is perfect. Sometimes it isn't.
  10. Punch: Ninfas and RS11 Partagas: Coronas and the SDC Series RG: Lonsdales Bolivar: Coronas, CE, CG Hoyo: Des Dieux Dunhill: Cabinetta RA: Coronas, 898
  11. It's been a long time, but I used to make cheddar pretty regularly. Some of them came out quite well. Tried a few cows' milk blues as well, which came out ok, but never well enough that I felt compelled to try again. Also made a gouda once, which I liked quite a bit. It's a great hobby, and a lesson in patience. I might take it up again someday, though I eat far less dairy than I once did. To answer Rob's question, the initial process took me around 6 or 7 hours, then a day and a half of pressing, a few days to dry and then a few minutes to wax the wheels. Then at least six months' aging, though I usually went for a year or a bit more. 😊 <--- Me, reading the Pythonic title. Small side note: If you make bread, a little bit of whey can be a nice addition to your dough. I never found much else to do with it.
  12. You and yours will be in my thoughts. In my experience, it's a very tough time, with lots of fond memories on the other side of it.
  13. I used to keep a wide variety of Marcas on hand. Over time, I've whittled it down to just a few, and a few vitolas within those Marcas. Partagas and Upmann make up the vast majority of my collection. Then classic-sized HDM Le Hoyos. Then Cohiba (though less and less so). Once in a awhile I'll buy a box of something different, but it's pretty rare. I think there have been three main drivers to this: - My tastes have solidified - I smoke a lot less than I once did (one or two a week down from three or four a day) - Some of the cigars I loved in other Marcas are no longer in the Habanos catologue. For instance, I don't have a singe stick of Punch on hand, but if Ninfas and RS#11s were still being rolled, I would have boxes of them.

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