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  1. Partagas 8-9-8 HU Mag 46 HU No. 2 Partagas Presidentes CCE List is subject to change without notice. Honorable Mention to AF 858 Sungrown. I don't smoke them often, but keep a box around for the times when the mood strikes.
  2. Will these have the new Edicion Ilimitada second band on them?
  3. I wonder if the demise of the BHK 58 is rooted in this transaction. "Too skinny. Get rid of them."
  4. If you like the classic Partagas profile, they will be.
  5. Man, Winnie vs. Fundy was a tough call. Thanks for a of the work you've put into this. It's been great fun.
  6. "'Habanos S.A. has decided to reward the loyalty of its followers with an additional quantity of Cohiba Talismán.'” You couldn't make it up...
  7. An Intriguing and very pleasant "waste" of a cigar. Stream of consciousness: They don't get any more ROTT than this. Within 15 minutes of the mail arriving today, I had the box open. Five minutes after that, I had my lighter out. I told myself that it was because one of the cigars had a little wrapper damage, but really, it's just because I'm easy. The burn was ever so slightly wonky, because...duh...the cigar is three minutes old. But that didn't stop me. This is a very good cigar. I strongly suspect that it will become great. Despite the price, I'll be buying a few more boxes. And I'll be hiding them deep in my stash, and trying to forget about them until 2024 and beyond. They're absolutely Punch cigars. I was taken back to both the RS11 and Ninfas while I smoked it. Creamy roasted nut butter, and peat, and herbal notes wove in and out. This is a substantial cigar, and it got quite strong in the last third. Body fluctuated between medium and full a couple of times. It would be great in the evening after a big meal. Dalias are perfect sized cigars to me. The ring size and the length are just right. It's clearly a young cigar. And very tannic, but in a surprisingly smooth way. It's because of that that I want to bury and forget them for a while. They're very enjoyable now, but may be classics down the road. Well done, PCC. Well done.
  8. I've visited Mexico City a few times for business purposes, but have always been too busy to delve in much. A couple of years ago, the LCDH in Polanco had a nice selection, and was carrying the Edmundo Dantes Belicoso. Prices aren't cheap. Most if not all Sanborn's Department Stores carry a small selection of Habanos. If visiting Polanco, the museum that houses Carlos Slim's collections is well worth a visit. Dinner in Coyoacan was a nice respite from the large city atmosphere of much of the DF. We did attend Lucha Libre one night while I was there. It was a riot, but the neighborhood, not so much. I don't think I'd do it without a local host. Now is a neat time to be there, with all of the Day of the Dead preparations going on. Would that I had more for you...

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