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  1. On rare occasions, I've gotten a vegetal , almost broccoli-like flavor in cigars. I actually like broccoli on my plate, but it doesn't work for me at all in a smoke.
  2. Punch 8-9-8 LMB JUL19 (SELRW)* I really need to charge my beard trimmer. ?
  3. * Man, does my beard need a trim I love the Dalia vitola, and was thrilled when these came out last year, despite their price. I've been smoking them occasionally since their release to track their progression. I think I'll let them rest for another year before I try again. And I think I'll be rewarded for it. 1st Third: True to the previous examples I've smoked, roasted nuts and chocolate, right out of the starting blocks, though slightly less intense in strength and body than when they were first released. Delicious. 2nd Third: Here's where I think it's time to
  4. It's sad to see and poorly done from our viewpoint, but considering the motivation for the law, it may actually be very well thought out.
  5. I've occasionally sampled a few Punch 8-9-8 from my original/early date boxes, and am further convinced that, as my tastes run, these are among the best cigars to come out of Cuba in quite some time. I'm considering picking up another couple of boxes, and am wondering if FOH might weigh in with opinions as to whether more recently rolled boxes are comparable to the early ones. Thanks in advance for your thoughts! ?
  6. Your choices would likely be mine as well Rob. I would be a little nervous about the des Dieux being rolled in 2001, but it's probably worth the risk.
  7. Terrible photo, but an excellent example of the marca and vitola!
  8. I can't take credit for this, but it's good for a chuckle. Happy New Year Rob and all!
  9. My thoughts are with the whole family. He raised a fine one.
  10. Two thoughts: -How often does this member smoke? Years ago, I went from smoking 4 or 5 a day to two or three a week, and my palette got a lot less muddled. -I think age can play a factor. I had a much greater ability to taste in my 30s than I do in my 50s.

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