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  1. stogieluver

    Made it to Italy

    Love Italy! Y’all have fun.
  2. Well, as you know, it’s really the front porch, but most of these Yankees on here won’t know. 😎
  3. Smoking a 1966 on the veranda (back porch as we refer to it in Lower Alabama) of the Nacional on my first day in Havana on my first trip to the island in 2012.
  4. stogieluver

    London Smoke

    @madandana, about that adoption...
  5. Bought a generic version for $4 & it works every time.
  6. stogieluver

    Happy b'day, John!

    Happy Birthday, John. I'll raise my glass to you today and smoke a fine Cuban cigar in your honor.
  7. stogieluver

    $500.00 us

    If that’s all you have to spend, you have to go with quantity over quality. The difference in quality isn’t enough to cut drastically into my smoking opportunities. But that’s just me. I pretty much love most all CC’s.
  8. High humidity, Jeff? That’s what that looks like to me. Taking a cigar stored in the low 60’s rH out into 80 or 90% rH will blow up some cigars.
  9. stogieluver

    Cruise Ship Cigar Lounges

    I’d like to know how old this article is. If current, I’m really surprised to hear there are that many lines that offer a lounge for cigar smokers. Prior to our last cruise I searched in vain for a line and ship that offered an enclosed true cigar lounge. You’re more likely to find a “room” for cigarette smokers where cigars are banned. That’s what I found on a cruise to Cuba last year on an Oceania ship. Cigar smokers were given an outdoor open air “lounge” adjacent to the pool. Patio furniture, heat, and humidity while the air conditioned enclosed cigarette smokers lounge sat empty most of the time. Edited to add: I found the article on their website. It is from March, so it is current info.
  10. stogieluver

    Cuba for a couple hours only.

    I can’t imagine why you would only have a couple of hours, but do this. Prearrange Jorge to pick you up and take you to Alex’s shop and Yolanda’s shop, which are very close together. Purchase some of their custom rolls and head to the Nacional for drinks and smoke on the veranda. I also like Fuzz’s suggested itinerary as an alternative. The only thing being there two hours will do is make you have a burning desire to return for a week long visit.
  11. stogieluver

    Happy Birthday Di

    Wishing you the best birthday ever!
  12. Kendo labels. And the adhesive doesn’t contact the cigar.
  13. Can’t believe he let you get that close. Did you have your squirrel hat on again?
  14. stogieluver

    First post on FOH?

    First post Nov. 2012. Only 1739 posts (I’m gainfully employed unlike some of you Playboys and girls).

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