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  1. On the rare occasions I've been offered fakes, I ask questions to determine if the purchase was a one-off purchase or if they were likely to continue to purchase. If a one-off, I thank them and let it go. If it appears they might continue to purchase fakes, I try to gently persuade them they are purchasing fakes. On our recent cruise to the island, one of the stewards on the ship knew I smoked Cubans and planned on purchasing more when we landed on the island. Before we landed in Havana, he gave me a pretty good fake Cohiba (I had tipped him pretty well along the way for really good bar service ). I took it and thanked him. Later, after we boarded the ship leaving Havana, I asked him a few questions to determine where he got it and if he was likely to continue to purchase them. Long story short, he had purchased several in the past and planned on continuing to purchase them at one of the ship's ports of call on the island. He said a "friend" sold them to him at a very good price. I showed him my authentic Cohiba's and compared them to his, and he was skeptical his was fake. At least I tried.
  2. stogieluver

    Tiger’s epic comeback

    Just the opposite for me. I never could stand the guy because of the way he acted on the golf course. I couldn’t care less about his personal life, as I’ve done plenty of stupid things in my life. Come to think of it, maybe that’s what’s turning up in the background check done for my adoption by @madandana. But I digress. I was really impressed by Tiger’s demeanor on the golf course this time and the way he handled winning the tournament. I am now a fan.
  3. Thanks for the recommendation, John. It’s been a long time since I’ve tried that marca. I need to revisit them.
  4. Wow. I don’t recall ever receiving a box like that, but I’ve probably just overlooked it. Thanks.
  5. Several good points arguing for and against authenticity. No one has mentioned the government sticker being applied at the incorrect folding point. I know “it’s Cuba”, but I almost never see that mistake. Also, the Habanos sticker is a little off correct placement.
  6. I'm triggered by idiots being triggered. And that's all I'm going to say about that.
  7. stogieluver

    Man Cave Build

    Can’t wait to see it finished. You’re going to love it.
  8. stogieluver

    It's April Fools....

    So, now we know why you’re no longer in banking. And another piece of the puzzle is in place. 😂
  9. stogieluver


    I keep asking to be adopted, but Mike’s excuse is that I have some sort of “problem” in my background check. I cant imagine what it could be.
  10. stogieluver

    Howdy from Austin

    Welcome! Much traffic in Austin?
  11. Love mine. Watch the video NSX posted or the one on their website. Used properly it will save many a plugged cigar. It has for me. I also find myself using it on any cigar with a tight, not necessarily plugged, draw. Worth its weight in gold.
  12. stogieluver

    Customs Response to Cigar Limit

    Don't give them a reason to get involved. They really don't want to. Just say no. Works for me every time. I'll take my chances. It's Cuban customs I worry about.
  13. Jeff, in your PM I thought you meant the Cuban customs seized your cigars. It's absolutely unbelievable the U. S. Customs seized those cigars. I've never heard of them seizing cigars; charging duty, yes, but seizing?? That's outright theft. So sorry this happened to you.
  14. stogieluver

    If you are looking to hire a driver in Havana

    June of '18 he was charging 15CUC/hour.
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