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  1. Same here with an Aristocrat. Got mine about 4-5 years ago. Too bad Bob retired. Very high quality product. Grab it if you can find one.
  2. Hauling that Realtone transistor radio down to the beach, I was the ladies’ man.
  3. I’m so sorry for your loss, Piggy. That’s all I know to say.
  4. I quit the news and Twitter election night. When you no longer sweat the things you can’t control and realize 90% of the things you worry about never happen, your stress level decreases dramatically.
  5. Happy Birthday! Rob, a shoe shopping trip to Italy would be appropriate, and a sure sign of your love and affection.
  6. Nice to see you post, Ginseng. Haven’t seen you around here in a while.
  7. Your best memory of those early years? Discovering this community and becoming part of the family. I was researching all things Cuba and Cuban cigars for my first trip to Cuba in 2012, and ended up here. All the members here were so patient with my very basic questions about things we take for granted after years along the journey of cigar enlightenment. Your biggest regret? I really can’t think of one. I would have regretted not buying as much stock as I could to fill up my Aristocrat. It took me a while to pay off that credit card, but now most of my st
  8. Neat or mixer? Neat: Diplomatico Reserve Exclusiva is nice. Mixer: Diplomatico Mantuano is very good. Ron Zacapa 23 and XO are also very good.
  9. About three years ago, I converted a bedroom (12 x 12) to my cigar lounge. Installed a 140 cfm Broan vent fan above my recliners. I also crack open the bedroom door about 2-3 inches so that the vent fan creates negative pressure in the room. That keeps the smoke from entering the rest of the house. I leave the vent fan running for about an hour after I leave the room. Has worked very well. We’re building a new house and the bonus room upstairs will be my Man Cave/Cigar Lounge. 16 x 30 with its own HVAC system with a 4” carbon filter. I’m also installing a 300 cfm exhaust fan in the smoki
  10. Sounds like the embargo and sanctions are beginning to have the desired result.
  11. Ah, Youth. Bulletproof and invisible. Tell him to buy them and smoke the MF’ers. NO ONE IS PROMISED TOMORROW. He can save for his retirement, but his widow will just spend it with her new boyfriend.

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