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  1. Exactly what I’ve been looking for. not kidding. I hate when there’s too much air moving around while I’m smoking.
  2. The ingenuity and resilience of the wonderful people of Cuba never ceases to amaze me. They deserve a better life, & I hope I live long enough to see them free of the Communists.
  3. BURN IT DOWN AND THEN DYNAMITE IT. SPRAY THE ENTIRE AREA WITH GASOLINE AND SET THAT ON FIRE. THEN, sell it and never go back. i hate snakes. All snakes.
  4. I don’t think Widows 11 will work on a Commodor 64. You will have to upgrade to the 65.
  5. Thanks! The signs came from Etsy. Kramer and the Soprano and Scarface came from Fine Arts America.
  6. Found those on It’s just pieces of lead plumbing pipe. Search for industrial rustic shelving on Etsy. The shelving board is just an old 1 x 8 that I found lying around an old barn. To hold the weight of all the liquor bottles, I have the screws going into some 2x4 bracing in the wall.
  7. Thanks, Mike. We would love a visit from you and your lovely bride.
  8. Thanks, garman. I’m always lurking. 😎 Not retired just yet. Probably about 3 years or so more to go before I can see myself not going to work.
  9. New home we broke ground on one year ago today. Moved in on July 2nd. During construction, I spent five days in a COVID ICU, then was diagnosed with prostate cancer & had my prostate removed, and fought extreme supply chain issues. Lots of fun! But we made it. 😅
  10. The room (only room upstairs) has its own 1 1/2 ton central unit with three separate carbon filters, a 300 cfm exhaust fan over the smoking area, & a Rabbit air filter. The room is completely wrapped in open foam insulation.

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