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  1. Sounds like the embargo and sanctions are beginning to have the desired result.
  2. Ah, Youth. Bulletproof and invisible. Tell him to buy them and smoke the MF’ers. NO ONE IS PROMISED TOMORROW. He can save for his retirement, but his widow will just spend it with her new boyfriend.
  3. Great to hear you’re recovering, Jeff. Hang in there! Keep us posted.
  4. @Elpresidente I posted last weekend in the “If not now, when?” post from Habana Mike that I had saved a 2013 BCG (one of the first FOH boxes I purchase from your fine establishment) for a special occasion. I figured reaching age 65, which was really a surprise to me, was just such an occasion. I’m old. Okay? My olfactory sense faded long ago along with other rather important “senses”. All I know is, that cigar was one enjoyable cigar while it lasted. I smoked it with a few Cuba Libre drinks mixed with a very nice HC smuggled out of the Motherland by Mike and Dana. I can’t tell you if there were notes of pepper or spices or dried fruit. It was just a damned nice smoking experience.
  5. What’s left of an unbelievably good Bolivar CG, MUR AGO13. Paired with what’s left of a very nice HC Cuba Libre for lasting 65 years on God’s green earth.
  6. Man, good luck with the surgery, Jeff. I know all will go well. Keep us posted.
  7. The placement of that seal is a huge red flag to me, but I'm no expert, by any stretch of the imagination. I've just never seen anything like that.
  8. Took a tour of a factory in Pinar del Rio several years ago. The first factory I had been to. They were rolling Montecristos, among others. I was a little disappointed cameras weren’t allowed. I wish I could remember the name of the factory. If any of you know, tell me what you know about it.
  9. Here’s mine courtesy of @madandana No two finer people anywhere. Mike and Dana saw my post a few years ago lamenting that I had gone to Cuba (1st trip) and hadn’t the room to lug one of these monsters back. They brought one back on their next trip and then mailed it to me. A complete surprise. NOT an easy task. I will treasure it forever.
  10. All of the LCDH’s in Havana are my favorites, just because of where they are. I don’t think I could name a favorite. Favorite place to smoke, though, hands down, is the veranda at Hotel Nacional. Agree with the comments on Fincato Roma.

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