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  1. Thanks for the heads up, @fastkiller13 I’ve half-heartedly offered my wife a cigar a time or two knowing she wouldn’t accept. But women can be fickle, you know.
  2. Phil, I sent you a PM.
  3. Answers to all those questions can be found in The Ultimate Visiting Cuba thread.
  4. Can’t go wrong with either, but the PLMC is a fantastic cigar. Love the long skinnies.
  5. stogieluver

    Cuban Cigar Prices?

    Buy all the custom rolls from Alex, Yolanda, and Reynaldo you can, but also go to the Partagas factory LCDH and see if they have some Sir Winston's and if you find some Talisman's buy all you can. Everything else you can buy here when you get back. VERY IMPORTANT: be sure to get factura's for each purchase, particularly the custom rolls. Worry about Cuban customs but don't worry about U. S. customs. If you have a handful of factura's, you should be okay going through Cuban customs. But don't be surprised if they confiscate some of your purchases. Just the risk you take. Smile a lot, be very friendly without saying much. They will not be friendly, but if you give them an excuse (factura's) to pass you through, they will most of the time. Overwhelm them with factura's if you can. Spread out your purchases between your checked luggage and your wife's luggage (if traveling together). Hire Jorge to drive you around La Habana. Freeze everything you buy on the island when you get home before putting them in your humidor. Search here for instructions. Good luck and good hunting. Oh yeah, buy a Hotel Nacional ashtray or two if you have room to bring them back. Have a smoke and Cuba Libre on the veranda.
  6. stogieluver

    If you did it over again...

    I have the MPlus & wish I had gone larger. Playing Tetris gets old, but a nice problem to have, I guess. Since I have boxes behind boxes on every shelf I wish I had pull-out drawers. I maintain an Excel spreadsheet with details of my stock including which shelf, front or back, each box is located on. I do an inventory twice a year checking each box for mold/beetles & to make sure my spreadsheet count is correct. Hey, it’s my only hobby so don’t judge Mine isn’t cooled but my house stays a pretty constant 68-72 degrees daily.
  7. Store mine in the top drawer of my humi.
  8. stogieluver

    Traveling soon need help!!

    There is so much you need to know but all that info is available on this forum and the Cuba Travel forum. Search both forums for a wealth of advice. I can only say in summary to buy in Cuba. Buy all the custom rolls you can. Freeze all cigars you buy in Cuba before putting them in your humidor per the instructions you’ll find on these forums. You’ll also generally have no problems with customs. Again, there is a ton of more detailed info on all these topics and much more in these forums. Have a great trip. You’re going to fall in love with the land and the people.
  9. Too many people are complaining.
  10. Exactly what I do.
  11. stogieluver

    Made it to Nice

    Have a great trip, Mike. Looks like you’re off to a good start. Keep us updated.
  12. Thanks, guys. We’re going to get the worst of this one, but it shouldn't be too bad as these things go if it stays a Cat 1. I’ve been through several including Camille a Cat 5 storm in 1969, Ivan, & Katrina. Keeping fingers crossed this one will stay a Cat 1.
  13. Well, now we're under a Hurricane Warning. That didn't take long.
  14. You never know what these storms will do. Right now it looks like it won’t be much more than a strong TS or minimal hurricane headed to our part of the central Gulf Coast. The good news is it seems to be a fast mover so less chance for strengthening.
  15. stogieluver

    French Riviera

    I wish @madandanawould adopt me, Bart. I know I don’t look it but I’m in fairly good shape for an old guy and can carry lots of luggage, cut cigars, mix drinks, etc. I’m fairly cheap to maintain. Rum and CC’s and I’m good.

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