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  1. Oh. There was an article or something? I missed it.
  2. Oh Hell No! Please. Why would you even suggest such a thing. You do realize it would be Ken’s nipple, right?
  3. Approximately 1800 CC’s and a handful of NC’s.
  4. She’s an Auburn fan. Has a little Tiger tattoo right below her navel. Or so I hear.
  5. Agree with the other responses. My experience with Boveda is they are generally spot on. Outside of there being no issues with the seal on the container, another consideration would be the length of time the boxes of cigars have been in the container. Depending on the number of boxes, it could take a few weeks for the rH to stabilize.
  6. For some odd reason, the old song I’ve Got The Down to Seeds and Stems Again Blues comes to mind. Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen
  7. I lost my dad in 1992. I celebrate his birthday, but not his "deathday". I remember vividly the day he died, and I just can't re-live that day every year in any kind of a special way. It creeps into my mind every now and then, and I just push it away and think of things we did together. Keep thinking of all the good times you had. Celebrate his life.
  8. Bovedas or Heartfelt beads at 62% rH, assuming your stock is Cuban and your room temp is a fairly stable 70 dF. Use the search feature in this forum. You’ll find as much good info as you’ll need. Enjoy the journey.
  9. I wouldn’t have said anything. That is a lost cause. Really curious @Drguanoto hear what you said and what happened next.
  10. Dry boxing is generally considered to help flavor and burn. You’re currently in the ultimate dry box. I would guess your ambient rH is in the low 20’s based on my experience of spending many summers and winters in Breckenridge in a previous life. Close to 10,000 ft ASL. i would guess your issue is related to the low rH at high altitude and air travel, which can really dry our cigars. Perhaps the combination has really hit them hard and dried them to the point of no return. Admittedly, that would be unlikely to happen in such short order, but possible. Just a guess.
  11. First of all, welcome to the Dark Side. Another movie line that comes to mind, as mentioned, is "you're gonna need a bigger boat". Smoke one or smoke 'em all. Either way, don't judge any of them that haven't rested for at least 60 days. Enjoy the journey.
  12. Are you talking sipping rums or mixing rums? Can't discuss sipping rums, but rum/diet coke is my daily go-to drink; otherwise known (except for the "diet" part) as a Cuba Libre. Very popular on the island because the sweetness pairs so well with CC's. My mixing go-to's are Appleton Estate Reserve Blend, Matusalem Gran Reserva, and Bambu. All are under $40 is our local ABC stores.
  13. Yep. It’s called My Man Cave. 😜
  14. Brutal! Our heat index today in Mobile is 110 degrees. You walk outside, do nothing but stand in the shade, and your shirt is soaked ten minutes later. The good news is relief may be in sight by next weekend. The bad news, as I'm sure you know, Tommy, is the relief may be coming in the form of a tropical system.
  15. I didn’t see anything in your post about your storage and smoking conditions. Tell us about that. Also, you said you let them “properly rest 4-6 weeks”. It should be more like 8 weeks at a minimum. Try letting them rest at least two months, three is better, at low 60’s rH at around 70 dF. CC’s benefit from aging in lower rH than NC’s, & the longer you can wait, the better. On the other hand, CC’s and the patience required to reap the benefits may not be for you.
  16. Thanks for posting. Looks like y’all are having a great trip.
  17. Our People to People Tour group visited this amazing place in 2012. A must see if you have the time.
  18. Seinfeld, but only if it were a long lost season found. They’d never be able to recreate the magic now.

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