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  1. 65 cuc for the large one as of recently....not counting the XXL or smaller ones. Like another said, you will get gouged on the secondary....but know, those ashtrays are heavy especially the XXL. Sometimes those trays can create problems with customs.
  2. nick2021

    Havana Trip Report May 2018

    It’s not as complicated as you think....matter of fact, shop owners said more people are going through cruises because they don’t think they can fly in. My driver said the same’s probably not a bad thing at the end of the day. Just don’t push your luck....Cuban Customs Agents are serious when it comes to certain things like fracturas and unbanded cigars. Today they even opened my check in luggage and called me down to the basement over intercom while I was in the terminal. Never had that happen before....
  3. nick2021

    Havana Trip Report May 2018

    @n0s4atu Yes, I landed in Havana on Thursday and wrapped my visits to all stores in less than a day, flew out today. Smoked a lot of cigars and had a great time.
  4. nick2021

    Havana Trip Report May 2018

    I just left Havana today—-really surprised at the quality cigars still on shelves like RA Gigantes, Espys, and Sir Winnies....even found some bonus Reynaldo Custom Lanceros in stock which I thought he had stopped rolling.....
  5. nick2021

    Nearest LCDH or Roller to ship ports

    X2....asked him last year and says he doesn't roll that format anymore as well.
  6. 135.50 euros depending on the country (not Cuba).
  7. nick2021

    Real US CC Import "Limits"

    Agree with you on everything regarding the US part (although I had one minor issue which was resolved on a good note without any problems). The problem with Cuba is I think some people "bend" the rules or don't follow guidance. I know when I went through customs, they went through every receipt and matched it up to every box I had....also re-emphasized the rules regarding the "unbanded custom cigars" even though I was within my limit. Other people I herfed with in Havana shared stories of difficulties they had leaving Cuba because they didn't have receipts, etc. One person was over his limit on unbanded cigars but said he was still waived through with a warning.
  8. nick2021

    Real US CC Import "Limits"

    I tried googling but couldn't find the list as well, mind sharing the link please?
  9. nick2021

    Obama Policy Null and Void

    Came through Houston recently and the custom's agent I dealt with had an issue with the cuban cigars I brought back due to the Trump announcement....luckily, the supervisor waived me through as no new amendments/regs have been published as usual for now...
  10. nick2021

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    SigII before work
  11. nick2021

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    SigII before work
  12. nick2021

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    SigII before work
  13. nick2021

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    SigII before work

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