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  1. Got my Winter outdoor dress out of the closet.
  2. Perla

    Jurgen Klopp - brilliant speech

    Thank you for posting the link. Thats very much Jürgen Klopp, very straight forward. And as we say - he had is heart in the tip of his tongue.
  3. A big welcome for the lost & found section. May be some one of forum could help me out to narrow the age of the Punch. Help is highly appreciated. And some little finds ....
  4. Some good reliable PL Montecarlos
  5. Had some luck an found 2 boxes of Trinidad Trova. Both are having the same box code.
  6. Congratulation Chris. 👏 wonderful news 🎁🎉 Hope your wife & Charles are doing well. May your little family is fulfilled with love, laughter, happiness & small tears. 🍀🐞🐷🍄💞
  7. Perla


    Yep thats what i wrote - Nino principle. Forgot to Quote your post 😖
  8. Perla


    Hmm that's the Nino principle.
  9. I can feel your pain. Perfect cigar in many ways. Have 3 ERDM Tainos left for some special moments and a few boxes of LGC Tainos. Really a shame that they got axed.
  10. Dogs, we have Dachshounds. Smart, independence little creatures. Sorry it's upside. You see they do what they are up to. The truth they are very well educated.
  11. Perla

    San Sebastian and Cigars

    San Sebastian = Donostia (basque Name) In the side streets there are some very small shops where you can buy cigars. do's in San Sebastian eat as much Pinxtos as you can wash it down with txakoli or cider if you visit the little bars, order some Pinxtos have you glass wine. Empty up and go to the next one, feel free to continue. dont miss to have sunset at the Concha. IMHO best place for a sundowner is the Hotel Mercure on top off the concha. Smoking not allowed, drinks and food okay. enjoy your stay

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