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  1. 3 Mini Dachshunds are in the house. Funny and stubborn as hell. Turquoise = Nakama 10years, Red = Diavolo 5 years and his pink sister Dina.
  2. That’s Vienna. Ceiling decorations made of broken plates. Crazy fiddling work can’t get over it how they managed to do so.
  3. This one I like. Its from a forest in Hungary.
  4. As the weather is getting warm & pleasant. Last week we had -10 degrees. another light up courtesy of @Habana Mike
  5. ERDM Grandes Espana. Courtesy of @Habana Mike Thank you for the great cigar.
  6. So sorry for your loss ?. My deepest condolences Rena, Di, Lisa & Lucy, family members and friends.
  7. Bought a heated blanket to have the chance to smoke in winter. I am excited about the Punch ? Mantou.
  8. A box of Trinidad Fundadores and a huge humidor designed by Humidores Habana
  9. Courtesy of @Habana Mike a HdM Du Prince enjoyed the sunny day yesterday. a lovely cigar with legs ???
  10. HdM De Dieux or Montecristo Especial No. 2 or Trinidad Fundi. Hmmm hard decision. Really just one marca the whole year?

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