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  1. Was my summer smoke last year. Normally I smoke no fresh cigars too much ammonia. But these one where superb and I went deep on them.
  2. My condolences 🥀 Savour the cigars of your friend and enjoy them.
  3. Our deepest condolences to you, your family and friends. It‘s hard to loose a parent and will take time to heal. Your cherished memories will help you. Big hug
  4. Truth is: all the boxes are empty. Donated for the kindergarten handicrafts. The Dom bottles are for his daughter being married soon. Spending Saturday night with the in-laws to impress them.
  5. Cold draw: apricot and honey Draw: perfect LRE is from Partagas Factory As we have at the moment wonderful weather over here. Work is done, weekend is coming up. Why not taken the chance to find peace in a cigar. First Third A light sweetness, a touch of liquorice. Dry mouthfeel. Very mild but full of flavour. Found it grassy, woody and floral notes. A little story on the side: I bought all my Tainos boxes between 2012-2013. In total there were 18 boxes and I could buy 5 of them. Yes, the plan was to buy them all piece by piece. Well how plans are like that. One day I came back and all my boxes were gone including the Partagas Con. 3 boxes. A very sobering experience. What did I learn? If you see a good opportunity, take it. Do not hesitate. What I really don’t get why they chopped all these wonderful Churchill’s? Now I am in the second third the Tainos is getting more and more taste of black tea, dark honey and it’s going from mild to medium. Ash is grey and wonderful. Hints of burned Creme brûlée. Last Third Drop the ash as usually. Now it’s in the upper medium range. Stayed with black tea, wood, leather and dark honey. In the back are some floral hints.
  6. Digging into my boxes and found a cracked open box of tararaaa LGC Tainos with 3 last of there kinds.
  7. Hi Habana Mike, is there a big difference between the FdC Espana and FdC Paiso ? and which one would you prefer?
  8. Hi Keith, good to see you are still alive. Big hug to Erin. Miss your blog.
  9. From the few that a left. Partagas Lonsdale from a 50 Cabinet 98. most of them where plugged. this one is perfect. So I don’t have to sing along with Madonna: like a virgin .....
  10. My brother in law mother past away. The Ashtray has his Dad created in the late 50-ies early 60-ies for his smoking brother in law.
  11. Oh Jeez, now you got me tempted! Up to now we are looking on 19 pages of heaven, how could I point out and choose. I am a girl from the countryside. Overwhelmed by the selection in a candy store of big cities. Any skinny will do for me.
  12. Don’t make yourself so small. true a lot of cigars I would never get close to. luckily we can see them here and a BOTL or SOTL have so much fun with it and shares it with us. If it wasn’t so complicated and expensive during COVID to ship to the USA we could figure something out. May be we could do that when steam will be out?
  13. The last one of the box. Lovely box and astonishingly strong in other words ballsy MC. simply lovely

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