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  1. When I move into a new flat back in 2005 the TV was leaving behind. Nice life without TV, just try. No more bs news from the channels. I was working for a company that was given me really a hard time. One morning I was sitting on the loo 🚽 meditate about the upcoming working day and came to the conclusion and my new mantra: Avoid everything what makes you ugly. This is a super force πŸ¦Έβ€β™€οΈ Believe me or not. Just hold on, get your feelings sorted, does this person, company, live situation makes you shine ✨. If not - go from the situation.
  2. Yes! We are running low on white wine. We have to do some serious shopping by the Weinmann wine yard 🍷
  3. The next box which will be gone soon. SP Bachilleres from 1989. What shame what have been axed.
  4. Loved it. Was a hot day and no cooling down. Very nice cigar. Just reminded me when you were here. Was a lovely time with you. wife & kiddo doing well?
  5. Poppies are here in full bloom. Never had seen this colour. Outstanding.
  6. A nice hot day over here. Smoking in the garden too cool down. Partagas Toppers courtesy of @ChanceSchmerr many moons ago. thank you πŸ™ πŸ’
  7. We had BionTech/Pfizer. Glad we had the chance & opportunity to get the jab.
  8. Got my second jab today. Celebrating with a donated Partagas Con. No. 2 What a treat
  9. The last unicorn πŸ¦„ great box , good luck that I found them.
  10. Me, The Queen & The Queen Hmm, there's actually not that much to write about. PL Panetelas were one of the first boxes I bought in 2007. Boy did I feel brave. It was also the one that got me into smoking cigars. So buried deep in the depths of my humidor was this box I had started. Ideal for a coffee break. Nothing special, rather something plain, simple but honest. A cigar that never cheats you. Caramel, leathery down to earth flavour, not much development, which is not to be expected from a tripa corta. But honest. An honesty that has
  11. Okay this not a cigar with lot of fame and wow effects. But it simply means a lot to me. It all started with this cigar and I was so proud of buying a whole box in 2007. As I was digging into my boxes I found a partial box from 2013. Wow. Lunchtime, taken the chance to smoke in garden during homeoffice time. Hey, it was not raining. Brilliant time out with a PL Panetella πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨ my buddy in crime was enjoying the sun 🌞

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