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Perla's Feedback

  1. Aardwolf left Positive feedback   

    Excellent forum member, great communication and a joy to trade/buy from. No worries here!

    Perla was The Seller

  2. bradbrennan left Positive feedback   

    Thank you so much, Ute, for some awesome looking smokes!!

    Perla was The Seller

  3. bradbrennan left Positive feedback   

    Ute, you spoiled me again :) thank you so much!

    Perla was Trading

  4. Marker left Positive feedback   

    Patient and good to work with. Thank you.

    Perla was The Seller

  5. Ginseng left Positive feedback   

    Thank you for the smooth and friendly trade!

    Perla was Trading

  6. DWC left Positive feedback   

    A pleasure. Gladly trade again.

    Perla was Trading

  7. bradbrennan left Positive feedback   

    What a birthday present :D Thanks very much...looking forward to the aged kiss!

    Perla was Trading

  8. CanuckSARTech left Positive feedback   

    Ute's been a great one to repeatedly trade with! Always generous!

    Perla was Trading

  9. CanuckSARTech left Positive feedback   

    Completed many trades with Ute, as she's a great SOTL!!! Top notch!

    Perla was Trading

  10. stargazer14 left Positive feedback   

    Excellent person and trader, thanks Perla!

    Perla was Trading

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