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  1. Enjoying the sun 🌞 and trigger by @Nino La Ley 2017 Reserva from Didier. great smoke 💨
  2. Smoke 💨 💨💨 them in good health.
  3. I can second that. Was really stupid that I didn’t get deep on that. Well I was a greenhorn that days 😵‍💫
  4. Bought some singles of them, many moons ago. Bolivar RE Alemannia Esp. No.2 2009
  5. Lunch break and the weather was okay. smoked a Partagas SdC No.3. Just a few left. And I don’t really understand why they have been axed. great format, great taste, having a good time while smoking.
  6. Cigar lifestyle? I know a few very rich people, believe me or not they are very normal people, down to earth. I know a lot of ponytails wannabes, believe or not some of my cigars are bigger than their dicks 😉 I love my cigars, good food, good wine & champagne and cherish good company. No bling bling or credit card can pay this off. Now I am going back under my fig tree
  7. Bought the travel humidor in 2011. White lacquered box with 15 cigars inside and a humidifier. Well make it short the humidifier was a nice art object. But I didn’t know it better as a greenhorn. The only way to pretend the cigars of a dry out was putting them away into another box. The travel humidor I kept it to but my small coins in there. Back to the cigar. Courtesy of ccw it’s an Robusto Extra with the size of 50x6 1/8” 4.000 Humidors had been produced. Draw is very easy. Prefer to punch the cigar. First puffs are loads of white pepper and black tea. B
  8. Back into the what is left drawer. RA RE 898 They did well
  9. The Cappuccino looks awesome. Nice piece of art. I am sure it compliments the HU 56
  10. Right now I am going through these lovely boxes PL Pan. OUM ENE13 Part. SdC No3 OSU EAOO Trinidad Reyes BMP MAR 16 ERDM Demitasse SGA FEB 17 LGC MdO No3 OSU SEP 02
  11. Well, another good story. Was invited for New Year’s Eve for Fondue. Fondue finished we asked for Schnaps. Fair enough. Spouse were crumbling in his beard. Fair enough. Came back with a 250€ bottle of Grappa. Saying: I don’t know how this stuff is tasting. I usual use it for cleaning my windows. cracks me up. Guess what ? We rescued the Grappa from him.
  12. After reorganisation of my boxes.Still finding bits & pieces of very nice sticks. RA Pefectos RE Suiza 2014. IMHO The better Italian version.
  13. Many moons ago a custom rolled cigar from Alex in CCE format.
  14. If I had the possibility to get a few boxes of the following- that would be great Cohiba 1966 PL Lonsdale RE 2006 PL Encantos RE 2010 RA Eminencia RE 2005 Punch Ninfas Punch Royal Selection No. 11+12 Partagas Charlottes
  15. When I move into a new flat back in 2005 the TV was leaving behind. Nice life without TV, just try. No more bs news from the channels. I was working for a company that was given me really a hard time. One morning I was sitting on the loo 🚽 meditate about the upcoming working day and came to the conclusion and my new mantra: Avoid everything what makes you ugly. This is a super force 🦸‍♀️ Believe me or not. Just hold on, get your feelings sorted, does this person, company, live situation makes you shine ✨. If not - go from the situation.
  16. Yes! We are running low on white wine. We have to do some serious shopping by the Weinmann wine yard 🍷
  17. The next box which will be gone soon. SP Bachilleres from 1989. What shame what have been axed.
  18. Loved it. Was a hot day and no cooling down. Very nice cigar. Just reminded me when you were here. Was a lovely time with you. wife & kiddo doing well?
  19. Poppies are here in full bloom. Never had seen this colour. Outstanding.
  20. A nice hot day over here. Smoking in the garden too cool down. Partagas Toppers courtesy of @ChanceSchmerr many moons ago. thank you 🙏 💐

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