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  1. Bolivar Esp. No. 2 Found my very very very last one.
  2. Another soul is gone. RIP Taylor I enjoyed your play
  3. What you need most, dealing with HSA Friends Of Humour
  4. Mike had created the thread „ no time like the present „ as we all know. during the period of time Mike decided to bomb me with cigars because he thought I own him something. i was blown away by his generosity. The afternoon cigar was from a trade of @CanuckSARTech ( brother where are you) many moons ago. One of my white whales PL Encantos. A great dark chocolate 🍫 bomb 💣. very enjoyable for the first spring afternoon in the garden. Mike until we meet again.
  5. This is news breaks my heart. Mike was generous, open-hearted, funny, full of life, a charmer. In the post " no time like the present" he always encouraged us to live in the here and now. If I were to give Mike a mantra it would be Sharing is caring. We need more Mike‘s in our world. My deepest sympathy to Kelly, his family & friends.
  6. From a female perspective. Congratulations that your partner in crime is peeked with cigars. What me makes me struggle at the beginning was the ammonia in fresh cigars. That really made me stay away from cigars. i would recommend CC with a little age on it. As many mentioned above PL Montecarlos LGC No4 keep in mind that these have to be smoked slowly and they can be harsh when smoked too quick. My daily rotation since years is Trinidad Reyes MC Media Corona MC Especial No 2 Siglo II and III PL Montecarlos and ERDM Demitasse Started smoking with Hoyo line, ERDM, Trinidad, PL and HUpmann. Just ask her what smells good in her opinion, when she sits next to you while you were smoking. Let her smoke from your cigar and figure it out together what’s a great smoke.
  7. The stakes are high for ND. It would be his 10th Grand Slam in a row. As Nadal put it so well: ND has decided to go this way, then he has to live with the consequences. ND is old enough, has enough money, a great career. As an adult. He capable to make decisions The whole thing reminds me of a situation before Christmas in Frankfurt's railway station district. Bankers, whores, hookers, drug addicts, homeless people, migrants, illegals all meet here unfiltered. A Porsche Cayman was parked up at a traffic light with a right-turn lane. It was pulled up onto a tow truck. Untold people from the neighbouring streets stood in the street, completely still, and watched with great inner satisfaction. Justice. Equality. i am quite happy that some one has the balls to send ND away
  8. If it doesn't vibrate, I don't like it. Just saying
  9. And then God created the gardening tools, so men can show what makes them happy.
  10. I can only confirm what Rob wrote above. The N3 has gained a lot of flavour. I smoked my last box of PdC No.3 this summer. Since they were both in the desktop humidor, I „got it wrong „ from time to time and often smoked an N3 and was really surprised how close the two are to each other. Okay, the „original “ is over 20 years old, but as Rob wrote above the DNA is just close. It was fun and I am looking forward to fill my old box up with the new ones 👏🏼 The N1 was great when the lunch break could be longer or I smoked in the garden Saturday lunchtime. Really pleasant and I am not big fan of NC. From the heart, I can recommend them. JM2C and IMHO
  11. Enjoying the sun 🌞 and trigger by @Nino La Ley 2017 Reserva from Didier. great smoke 💨
  12. I can second that. Was really stupid that I didn’t get deep on that. Well I was a greenhorn that days 😵‍💫
  13. Bought some singles of them, many moons ago. Bolivar RE Alemannia Esp. No.2 2009
  14. Lunch break and the weather was okay. smoked a Partagas SdC No.3. Just a few left. And I don’t really understand why they have been axed. great format, great taste, having a good time while smoking.
  15. Cigar lifestyle? I know a few very rich people, believe me or not they are very normal people, down to earth. I know a lot of ponytails wannabes, believe or not some of my cigars are bigger than their dicks 😉 I love my cigars, good food, good wine & champagne and cherish good company. No bling bling or credit card can pay this off. Now I am going back under my fig tree

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