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  1. So I am guessing as they are Short cigars Ken will not want a bar of this?
  2. Thanks for that. Great meal Saturday night. Ken don't feel too bad, they will try and remember next year.
  3. Any other chess nerds out there watching the world championship at the moment between Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana? Caruana has the possibility of being the first World Champ from the USA since Fischer. Game 10 has just finished and its pretty tight at 5 all. (feel free to call me a nerd, get it out of your system now!)
  4. Thanks guys I have a bit too work with there. Found a go kart tour of Tokyo that seems to do away with all safety and respect for the road rules that seems to perfect why to get myself in trouble.
  5. Am off to Japan for a week starting today. Have never been before, my planning is very limited I fly into Tokyo and thats about as far as I have gotten. Any recommendations of places to go, bars to drink at cigars to smoke or general trouble to get into?? Thanks Guys.
  6. I am pleased that there are other members out there who also find that bloody tile annoying. As much as Rob makes out he was cool with it, it also bugged him. Apart from that the wedding was great, stole a bottle of scotch and feel asleep in the front yard after attempting to kill a bird in a tree. Great Night!!
  7. OK you got me I'm sorry Rob, I didn't realise you were going to publish my email on here. I'll keep the cigars and keep quiet. Smithy
  8. Happy Birthday mate, hope the beach is way more enjoyable than Brisbane today.
  9. Thanks guys, had a good birthday and have been at the beach ever since avoiding the heat. My age is finally catching up to the colour of my hair.
  10. You forgot to mention the deck at Czars where Rob can cook you a meal.
  11. I thought this topic was about if we should ban Ken!
  12. Along with all those great bars and restaurants that Wellington now has to offer, I still believe the greatest thing is to fly into Windy Wellington, best rollercoaster in the world.
  13. I would have added a picture of the Caltex at the Bohle, which over the years as a school student on tour we stole so much stuff from. Thanks Bohle!
  14. Thanks for all the well wishes, I agree with you totally Westy, I'm way more fun than Rob. Ayala thanks for the kind words about me smoking, drinking and eating everything at Czars. I just thought I would let you know seeing you bailed early today that I fixed a couple more mainternance problems around the office, sorted out an issue Greg had with FedEx and did your banking. But I can always send you an invoice rather than taking payment in broken cigars and coffee from the cafe I built.
  15. Good to see a solid review again. Great afternoon, thanks for the drinks Ken and Uncle Festa. As for the shoe thing, Ken has a thing about his carpets not getting dirty from people walking on them with their dirty shoes. Dirty feet not a problem!
  16. We looked fabulous, lets face it Di was gorgeous and so made me look OK.
  17. It is true that Ken asked me to post this. I said that there are strict rules about posting obvious jokes from someone else on this forum.
  18. What are you saying about my grey hair Di? You never seem to complain about George Clooney's when he appears on the TV.
  19. One of our favourite clients has invited Rob, Di and myself to their clients Christmas dinner. Rather nice place in town called Black Bird where you can buy your Tomahawk steaks by the kilo. Mmmmm my mouth is watering already just thinking about it. Anyway enough about he food, back to my problem. Rob has pointed out that he is in Sydney with a bunch of cigars and cannot make it to the dinner, so Di has asked me to be her hot date. On the hotness front Rob isn't much competion to me so I'm not worried about trying to keep up with him, but I want to make sure I look good for Di. So what should I wear guys I need help. And before you jump in and put up a picture of Borat in a Mankini, remember I can ban whoever I like from this forum and this is for Di benefit not mine.
  20. I am pleased that a heap of you want me to take a small cigar to review just to watch Ken lose his shit over it. Almost worth it, but there is a strong demand for Dip No2 but I am also like the Silo V call that is different, will have to see what is in the humidor in the morning.
  21. While El Presidente is away, Ken told me we should do a proper review without the weakest link in the team, Rob. So I will be sitting down with Ken to do a review what do you suggest we should raid from the Humidor to review? Now it has to be something that is in production today not some vintage thing that was lost to the world 23 years ago.

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