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  1. Strategy perhaps wasn't best, but have to hand it to Bottas - very well deserved.
  2. F'n Massa! Not the only reason, but certainly did't help.... Exciting race for sure
  3. Wow, locking up front row for the first time in almost a decade! Looking forward to an exciting race tomorrow! Don't know what excites me more: Ferrari front row or camera catching Mercedes team on the brink of tears;) Haven't had much to crow about in years, so I'll be a bit obnoxious today.... Hope it isn't short lived! Forza Ferrari!
  4. Easter Bunny brought this Ferrari fan a nice gift today! Strategy worked, pace was good, stayed away from any trouble, so all in all a solid race. Would have loved Lewis to receive a more severe sanction in order to get Kimi up on the podium, but I'll take the W. Hoping for continued advancements by Ferrari, but at least there's reason to be hopeful thus far. Now onto Alonso at Indy!
  5. Just had the opportunity to watch the race, and what a great way to kick off the season! I realize it's the first race & track that suits Ferrari, but it's nice to see red atop the podium. Interesting to see how Ferrari performs in the coming weeks. Lack of overtaking or not, Ferrari appears to have taken several steps forward on the offseason.
  6. Don't think they would last long if I had them as they look fantastic!
  7. Start was disappointing for sure, but safety car almost made it worth it as Lewis was close to being bounced! Been one of the more disappointing seasons for Ferrari as its amateur hour for strategy. Some of the management should have stuck with developing fiat rather than be involved with racing at the highest levels.... Interesting communication sequences with Nico that floated grey area of the rules. I concur with above sentiment, Mika does a fantastic job updating this thread!
  8. Had a well aged Hoyo DC back in 99 with my father in-law that got me hooked on CC. He has since passed, but memories of that smoke while on Nantucket will still be tops!
  9. I too say get a Cigar Caddy of appropriate size for your sticks. Wouldn't think "dry boxing" the sticks would hurt short term.

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