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  1. Love all skinnies but my favorite right now is the quai dorsay coronas from 2013.
  2. Monte open series Monte #2 petites
  3. anjimj

    Cut to the chase....

    1. Sir Winnie 2. Connie #1
  4. Partagas Mille Fleur Ryj #2 Bolivar CJ RG Panatela extra PL Monte Carlo H.Upmann Regalias Montecristo #3
  5. 13 Ryj Churchill Bliss 08 RG Corona Extra Bliss x2
  6. Just smoked a RG Panetala extra and it was smooth and sweet. Just delicious.
  7. H.upmann sir Winston from box code BRS 2012. Just brilliant.
  8. I keep it simple by using an excel spreadsheet. I also have a tab for cigar budget vs. Actual spent and needless to say I am always over budget.
  9. Def Monte 1 for me. Love the corona size of the Monte 3 if I can find them.
  10. Mag 46 Connie 1 Can't keep my hands off them.
  11. Hand them a Gurkha they will never ask for a cigar from you again. I stopped bringing cigars to parties for everyone because it was a waste and they never really appreciate it. Now, I will bring my cigars and two extra cheapies. If someone asks me for a stick I will give them one. Once I run out I'm done. Imho if they really want a cigar they will bring their own to smoke.
  12. Been waiting forever for Cohiba espys and lanceros and a 50 cab of Lucy's.
  13. Sir Winnies my al time favorite Connie 1 party 898 Rass

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