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  1. anjimj

    2001 Ramon Allones 898 (RAWR)

    White whale indeed.
  2. My advise is to take it slow. Like everyone says buy samplers and get to know what you like. Don't buy into the hype because what people like may not necessarily fall into your wheelhouse.once you figure out what you like just stick those and occasionally continue the journey with exploring different Marcas and vitolas. The cigars aren't going anywhere.
  3. anjimj

    Box of the Day : ERDMCX

    Lighter wrapper on these.
  4. Partagas lusitanias is my all time favorite summer smoke.
  5. I usually take a few robustos and a couple minutos.
  6. RG Panetala extra. Nice short and sweet cigar my go to when I need a twenty min smoke.
  7. Uao partagas series E was spectacular for me.
  8. I always go to my B&M and they always have some empty cigar boxes. Just found a empty Churchill box for my Esplendidos that were in cardboards. It worked out great.
  9. Its the one cigar that I can actually cut in half and save for later.
  10. Upmann RyJ Partagas Bolivar Ramon Allones
  11. anjimj

    Davidoff advice needed

    Special T is great.
  12. anjimj

    None Cubans

    You can never go wrong with Tatuaje. Pete Johnson really knows his tobacco and his cigars are very enjoyable to smoke.
  13. anjimj

    AP Regional Help

    Bolivar Corona Extra reboot
  14. I hope to get a sampler soon before I commit to a box.
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