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  1. Havana insider. It just popped up on my facebook page.
  2. Suckling just gave monte edmundo 99 points. I just had one last week and it was cocoa and cream throughout.
  3. 2008 was my first cigar it was a El Rey De Mundo choix supreme bought at London Heathrow airport.
  4. What are your thoughts on Padron cigars? Would you ever reach for one over a cuban cigar?
  5. All of a sudden these are popping up with well known reputable vendors. Just like the 2005 magnum 46 that popped a few years ago in petacas as well. Someone distributors must be releasing them not sure exactly.
  6. Lanceros, Churchills and Double Coronas in the summer. Winter is minutos and cigarillos.
  7. My MLO 2012 sig vi are coming around. They take time and patience.
  8. Partagas chicos? for those upcoming winter months here in New England.
  9. Coleman all the way. Find the biggest one you can find because it does fill up really quickly. Add 62% Boveda bags and you're good.
  10. Partagas 898 Connie 1 Huhc Sir winnies Monte 4

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