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  1. Pats no doubt have given Brady alot of Ammo. Lets not forget Gronk coming back week 8. Just a prediction.
  2. They're hit or miss. I thoroughly enjoyed 2 of the 4 ive smoked.
  3. With AB coming to NE is there any doubt who will win. GO PATS! 16-0. Pats Browns Gruden
  4. Tatuaje Havana cazadores Illusione Holy Lance
  5. Cohiba Siglio IV Magnum 46 BCJ Scdlh principe Ryj Churchill Sir winston Partagas 898 Rass
  6. Cigars: LE and RE. The novelty has worn off for me. How much more enjoyment am i going to get from them vs a reg production cigar is the question Other. Food with curry involved.

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