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  1. Cigars: LE and RE. The novelty has worn off for me. How much more enjoyment am i going to get from them vs a reg production cigar is the question Other. Food with curry involved.
  2. D.C. has quite a few restaurants and outdoor patios that are cigar friendly. Jack Rose Saloon and Shellys Back room to name a couple.
  3. I have always had tight draws and burn issues with my box. I may try to dry box for a week to see if that helps. The flavors have always been sweet for me just wished the construction was a bit better.
  4. F: Dip Bushido someday I will get my one night stand. K: Fonseca M: Sir Winnies.
  5. Smoked a ryj #2 last night that was spectacular with a mix of spice and sweet notes.

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