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  1. When does Sir Winnie season begin? They’re due for a production run, aren’t they?
  2. Tom Brady wont let you down. He was our QB for 20 years and he gave us 6 rings. We will be depressed for 3 hours wishing it was the pats but we'll pretend hes playing for us while eating pulled pork sandwiches, drinking Bourbon and smoking a Partagas Lucy. Go Bucs!
  3. My deepest condolences. My thoughts and prayers to the family.
  4. I have asked to get a picture of the box and the box code and will share out info once received.
  5. Has anyone seen 2019 box codes on these? Just curious since these were discontinued a couple years ago. I reached out to a reputable vendor who had them in stock and they said they were 2019 box codes. My thought is why would you fake these and with Habanos SA anything is possible bringing vitolas back to life after declaring them discontinued is not out of the question Thanks.
  6. Happy Birthday Rob! Let us know what you're smoking to celebrate.
  7. Punch punch. A box purchased in 2013 for 160 bux was the most glorious box i ever brought. Connie 1. Sir Winstons. Never lets me down.
  8. Thank you FOH for all that you do everyday to keep this hobby fun and exciting for all of us.
  9. Try some farm rolls at the Robania farm. Im simple.
  10. Bolivar corona extra Punch Churchills Lgc#2 HDM des Dieux
  11. Tomahawk steak salt and pepper medium rare. Followed by a BBF and a glass of port wine.
  12. I love these. Im dreading the day when I smoke my last one of these.
  13. Fundies are up today on 24 24. Great start to the new year!
  14. Very simple night. Getting together with family and friends for dinner, drinks and hope to sneak outside for a plpc before midnight.
  15. After reviewing these list i might need to add a few more boxes to my list. Qdo 54, punch 898 and some party shorts.
  16. I often wonder if El Prez can request from HSA supply of a certain marca based on his customers demand side of the house? Can he put in for more 50 cabs of lusitanias and La trovas and actually get that supply from his supplier or is it you get what you get kind of thing?
  17. Whats on your 2020 buy list? For me, it will be 50 cabs of lusitanias and HDM double coronas, Sir Winstons and Cohiba Esplendidos and Monte Double Edmundos. Not planning to buy any RE/LEs next year. How about you all?

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