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  1. Wait... maybe this means i wont be the only person ever to get refused entry into Cuba 🤣 Cant wait for the threads "I sneezed while picking up my bags and i was stopped from entering Cuba"
  2. i am concerned for your well being, boss. I mean what the hell does your search history lok liek when you're finding all these "old cuban boxes" ? ... please just search find porn like the rest of us 😂
  3. Yep exactly what I’ve been told and read. 60% slower recovery apparently. Definitely wasn’t considering it earlier on. But now 4 months on figure might be able to get back into it a bit.
  4. I personally don’t think anything of recent birth will age as it did in the old days. I think cigars are a lot more approachable young, with the tobacco and formats being rolled and that this will be at detriment to aging. I think they’ll do well 5-10 years. Drop off at 15. And be like warm air at 20. The real question is. Why age at all? I think the real reason for aging was improvement and there was plenty of reasoning and achievement accomplished. Now days there isn’t much improvement required, cigars are pretty much spot on within the first few years. I wouldn’t hold cigars for smoking in 10 years. Flipping, sure, but not for my personal smoking.
  5. Spritely 34 years old. I'm no iron man but i'd say im in better than average health. My balls are already black and blue 🤨
  6. I actually made a profit on my bike... since i had only bought it a week before the accident, it was covered under credit card complimenatary insurance. So i got the full money back, then i sold the broken bike on Gumtree for 100 bucks 🤣
  7. How could this go wrong? I know some of you here are highly trained and skilled individuals. You're not all Robs. Whats the medical advice on broken bones and smoking? My spinal brace is finally off and my three spinal fractures are apparently "stable". Not had a cigar in almost 6 months now. How long would you go without smoking to let the bones heal sufficiently? Im not a big smoker, maybe two a month, if that factors in in any way. Look forward to solid meidcal advice 🤣
  8. I almost fell off my chair when some very prominent cigar people said they "just stack boxes and boxes under the stair case". Depends completely on enviroment. In Melb for example right now temps are between 12-17C all day and rH between 60-72.. so leaving cigar out will be fine. 4 Months in the post will be fine, rest em for a few months in our humidor before you get to them... or just be an animal and smoke one as soon as the postman gives it to you. Report back on your experience if you do It may surprise you
  9. A heartbreaking situation there mate. Hope you get much more time and cherish the memories as best as you can. Remember we're all here for you 👍
  10. Whatever happeend to that Linea Retro or whatever they were calling it in 2016 or 2017? Think it was Partagas, RyJ and upman in tins of 5? some petite corona sized cigar? ... i'll hold my breath
  11. I would smoke it. I smoke for flavour, not for a nicottine hit.
  12. Wife and i were just talking about this a few nights ago. When we got married we had a wedding on a monday (paid 200 bucks for the hall) and spent bugger all on the food etc. We blew all our money on a 5 months holiday around the world plane ticket. We're thinking of quitting our jobs and doing that again. Maybe Europe and North Africa this time. I would like to go to South America, Chile in particular, but not sure. Otherwise, i'd definitly like to go to Antarctica and cross off all the continents from my list!
  13. So tell us, whats her username on here? 🤣 Congrats mate!

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