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  1. The good old multiple Eid days... here in perth we celbrated today (Wednesday)... i'm going ot leave that topic or the next eid to explain to people why everyone celebrates on different days 🤣
  2. What do you mean by "aren't fully closed"? as in they don't seal properly, or the lid is completely closed down when you open the box? you may be thinking of it wrong, maybe it's so perfectly sealed that the fluctuation in pressure is causing the tubos to pop open? I mean we all the level of precision in Cuban manufacturing, its most plausibly that the precision is to the nanometre. That's the story i'm going with.
  3. Eid Mubarak everyone! Today is a rather sombre day for my family. My cousins husband in South Africa, young guy in his late 20s, just passed away this morning. Im in home quarantine at the moment so its hard being away from my family at a time like this. At times like this i like to look through examples of Islamic teachings during pandemic situations. - As many of you know, there is an Athaan (call to prayer). Before every prayer (5 per day) there is an Athaan that is recited. If you've ever travelled to a muslim country you have no doubt been awoken before sunrise by one of t
  4. At uni we were leaving our rented house for end of the year and we had our final rent inspection. The landlord told us we would all not be getting our bond back. We argues the carpet was "discouloured" because we had spilled something and cleaned it, and if after the carpet were cleaned we would pay for the carpets, but he wasnt having any of it, apparently the condition is on the time of inspection. So on the last night we moved all our stuff out, we went to the local grocery store and bought 2 RyJ Tubos 2 each, we closed all doors and windows, and the 4 of us smoked 2 cigars each in the hous
  5. You get cans of dry setting PTFE based lubricants, i'd use that. I wouldn't use anything wet.
  6. Think it's been asked before, but my process for fake sites; 1. What do they have in stock? If they have only D4s, and Cohibas and no JLP, Vegueros, PL, QdO, Quintero etc, then red flag. Ofcourse also if they have everything including Cohiba pyramide 2001 LEs then thats a falg aswell. 2. Prices, too cheap? obviosuly if its too good to be true. 3. Personal contact goes a long way for me. If they dont do a well looked after sales email or a facebok or watsapp chat then its a orange flag for me. 4. Then its jsut down to a test order. Normally test somethign small and cheap, an
  7. "Trust no one... the machines are everywhere... add an extra foil hat for good measure, can neaver be too careful"
  8. Wouldnt want to ash on yourself... but then again @Fuzz probably gets a half chubb when hes in a suit and gets ashed on... horses for courses.
  9. It will be interesting to see the impact on this. I’ve always really found cigar availability comes and goes. I don’t recall a time where my usual sources had everything in the habanos catalogue. The situation is probably different where one can go to a B&M. I can’t see much being impacted though. Record sales will be followed by dwindling sales due to buyers having full humidors and empty wallets, and starting travelling again or recovering from financial hardship faced and in that time the shelves will likely be empty while production catches up. I think overall it will averag
  10. What got me thinking is that i offload my empty boxes, so i wonder if the empty boxes will be worth more or even equal to the amount of the actual cigars in the future? Imagine that! But then also how do you track the date of cigars if the plain packaged boxes get ditched.... Lots of questions....

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