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  1. Eid Mubarak everyone. Today is the first Eid since my father passed away and so it’s gonna be a big family affair. Going to the cemetery in the morning after prayers and then all the uncles and aunties and cousins etc coming over pretty much the whole day. Should be fun and wish you all a blessed day whether you’re having Eid today, already celebrated yesterday or it’s just another day on the calendar for you 😁 Today I want to share with you some points on one of the pillars of Islam, Zakat (charity). Zakat is an obligation on all muslims. Basically, you are required to donate 2.5
  2. Very common. I wouldnt worry about it if you trust the vendor. Just means its grey market (the retailer is sourcing cigars from outside that regions distributor). Ive been seeing it a lot on orders myself recently.
  3. In Islam, any money a woman earns is hers and hers alone. Any money her husband earns is also hers. So technically i have no money... i still spend lots on cigars though 🤣I asked for permission to buy cigars once. She said no. So i didnt ask again. Now parcels jsut turn up and she gets mad cos she has ot open the door for the thrid parcel arriving for the day. No doubt i will one day be murdered in my sleep. Please let this post forever be saved here for her trial.
  4. I don't understand how Spain is so high. Reckon it's all for tourists or is the spanish locals really that far into cigars? I don't know of any super large retailers in the area. THere is ofcourse a super large retailer in Asia that we know and love, and Rob too i guess 😂
  5. I think the difference is, that you're both talking about different things i suppose El Pres. Seasoning in your sense it sounds like you're referring to rubbing down the internal of the humidor with a damp cloth etc. You are 100% correct in that its probably better to let that process happen over time. I also agree that a dry humidor will absorb moisture out of the cigars you have in it. Also, as already mentioned, it depends where the humidor was stored beforehand. If you're in FNQ (tropical climate), then the new humidor is probably already too wet. So in summary, do you need to wet th
  6. Yeah mate... come around... mi humidor es su humidor... i look forward to herfing with someone shorter than me.
  7. The propios is still hanging around isnt it ? Can be sourced reasonably easily from what i can see? Suppose it only hit the market in 2019 or so.
  8. Serves you right for being a traitor to the glory of the Cuban leaf 🤣
  9. I dont chase a marca i chase vitolas. For example i have every robusto in production today (minus the open), And one box away from every produced petite corona, and have every "half corona" produced today.
  10. What a waste, you'll be 2752km away from my place, hence your drilling and lancing would have found no cigars, and 2700 over budget... 🤣
  11. No brainer.... flight to brisbane is about 500 bucks... then just mooch off El Pres and Ken and stay well past my welcome for the 100 days.
  12. I think it's peaked for now. Drop back to 25-30k by july, Stay there for maybe 1 year, then will start the next shoot to 180k odd. So Dec 2021 30k, Dec 2022 60k, Dec 2023 180k.
  13. 3 dollars in tax 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Must be tough
  14. To complete the collection i am hunting for the following; Winnies, Punch Punch, Coro, Medio Siglo, RG PC and then top ups of Monte 4, JLS2, BRC, Regios, Siglo 2, Monte 2, Partagas P2.

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