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  1. No one should be kidding themselves into thinking cigar smoking or any smoking in any form of moderation is good for you. It isn’t. The argument as stated is what’s the risk. I hate reading articles about cigar smokers as we all know for many reasons they’re just flawed. I particularly hate that cigar smokers with the same risk as cigarette pack a day smokers are cigar smokers who smoke three cigars a day. No word on vitola. I believe in moderation. I believe with my smoking rate of 1-2 cigars per week yes I am increasing my risk. But equally by getting in my car I am also increasing my risk of dying. Both my father and my mother have heart disease. I have high cholesterol despite my pretty good diet and reasonable fitness level. I don’t think cigars will play a huge part in my ultimate demise. I’d rather smoke cigars and enjoy time with the Perth boys than sit at home eating salad.
  2. What the hell happened to them? I got a box of Monte 2 and it was like the was too much glue on the band and a few cigars stuck to the bottom of the box. Into the seconds bag they went after some perfecrepair gluing. Smoked great!
  3. I look at it in terms of percentages... when you're rolling a Petite corona, its hard to tear off half a leaf of the three leaves you use to roll the cigar... but when you're rolling a jaw breaker, its easy jsut to leave out one of the 8 leaves you put in to roll the cigar... rollers gotta do their bit for cost savings right
  4. Im at this same process and here's what i learnt. It depends what your aim is. i originally thought id age cigars to sell on BR in the future, but then i changed my tactic. My aim now is to have a stash of cigars for life based on the assumpton the lovely Australian government will soon ban cigar ordering as they have done with every other tobacco product. Ive gone about it like so; Whats my favourite vitola? Small ones What are my favourite brands? Hupman, Bolivar, Punch So then i kind of combine my criteria and i have the following list Half coronas - Aim to have three boxes of everything HUpmann, Petite Royales, Media Corona, a few boxes D6 and one box medio siglo Petite Coronas and lanceros panatellas etc - a few boxes of HUPC, Regalias, PLPC, 3 boxes of Bolivar PC, RG PC, RyJ PC, Partagas shorts, Siglo 2, Montecarlos, Corona Especiale, Monte Epecialle 2 Robustos- One box of everything. I don't normally reach for a robusto but i'm coming around to them of late. Gone reasonably deep on Short de Punch. Lonsdales - Partagas 898s, Monte 3, Torpedo- Dip 2, Monte 2, Sancho Belicosos Larger - Punch DC, Lusis, RyJ Churchill and Sir Winston. Ultimately for me in heavily stcked i nthe smaller stuff i reach for, and i still have a range of stuff i dont smoke too often. THe problem is palates change, and your circumstance does too. A friend pointed out that while i smoke smaller stuff now because i don't have the time for larger smokes. When i'm retired i'll have all the time in the world and so i should stock up on DCs 😂
  5. Absolutely love the clean look too @El Presidente I’m working on a bit of an OCD project and these will never be sold.
  6. Wonder if there’s a market for the rare “Cuba being Cuba”? Look at the date code on. My D4s. 🤦🏽‍♂️ Shall I Sharpie on BTO ABR 08 and put it up for sale Rob? 😂
  7. I don't think any of the maduros do well with drier wrappers. That's all i can add to this.
  8. I have noticed significant flavour improvements by a new smoking technique. Smoking a cigar, resting cigar on a stool that i think i made in high school woodwork. So you can imagine the quality of the product is in line with Habanos quality control. Smoking a RG Perlas, its ok, id say a solid 7/10 this particualr example. Cigar rolls off, falls almost a metre to the floor. dust it off, take a puff, amazing flavours, 9/10. Continue smoking... goes back to becoming a 7/10. Cigar rolls off again. Dust it off, take a puff, 9/10 again! Could this be a new smoking technique? Throw the cigar on the floor, pick it up, take a puff? No drugs have been consumed in the writing of, or prior to the writing of this post.
  9. I started making this... Didnt get past that though.. got busy with real work 🤣 My intention was to go through each vitola group basically.
  10. This one bloke in Perth i know is trying to hand me some rocky patel something or rather. Raves about their construction.... i need new mates... 😂
  11. I have differing opinions to a very well respected member of the cigar community. My case. The Siglo 2 is the best bang for buck cigar in the cohiba brand. this other individual disagrees. What do you think? Factoring in size, cost, enjoyment, if you could only own one box of cohiba, what would it be?
  12. i had an aged box of mananitas and loved it, sweet earthy notes. Have had fresh tapados and i think they were just ok but had more of a rich tobacco flavour with some earth mixed in. I think they are def a tin you can buy as filler for an order and just trow it in the back of your humidor for a few years. I think at their price though they're not worth it young. For less money you can get HUHC.
  13. Maybe the cigars with floor sweepings in them aren't fakes after all 🤣

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