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  1. I really liked them as well. Best of the short fillers by a long way, but the price is way too high in my view. For me it has to be the resurgence of Punch Punch.
  2. I noticed a lot of these on predominantly spain stock. But yeah no idea what it means.
  3. Purchasing blind. 🥵 Standards are slipping. I suppose… we’re there ever any standards?
  4. LordAnubis is viewing this thread..... 😉 I got my second jab on the weekend, so ready to rock and roll now... maybe one day the borders to my state (west austrlaia) will open up again... one can only dream. In the mean time, we'll carry on living our lives with no restrictions at all and zero community cases here for months.
  5. Say what? I thought a 20 was a watermelon? I say this cos there's a notion of "give the new guy the shit cigars cos if they dont like it then its ok if they bin it". I would NOT do that, so i would not give them Quinteros, JLP, Guantanamera. Sure these can be appreciated for what they are by smokers, but if you are having your first cigar you want to be wowed by it and get into it, not smoke floor sweepings and be disapointed. A new smoker i WOULD give them HUHC, Bolivar Petite Corona, Partagas Short. If they are a cigar smoker, but never tried a cuban and i know they would smok
  6. Sounds like that cheeky @Bijan bastard needs to be banned from CCW 😂
  7. Linen pants and long sleeve is fine, thats normally my go to. I don't think it's offensive to wear a Jhubba as a white guy but to me it's just part of the "bringing attention to yourself". As for the hat, that wont be much of an issue i dont think, i normally wear wide brimmed hat myself.
  8. I would approach it as if you are going to your grandmothers for a month. Try not to show tatoos if you have any. And both yourself and your wife should dress modestly at all times (pants, long sleeves, loose fitting etc, nothing revealing or with any political/provocative messages or images on them). Theres a big difference between a local walking around in shorts and an American walking around in shorts. Just know that (no matter where you go in that region or most of the devloping world) rules apply that are not really rules, your key is to fly under the radar. Dubai is very safe and a
  9. I have full box OCD. So as soon as a box gets cracked I hunt for a replacement.
  10. Bloody melbourne demons players coming over to perth, walking on our stadium, smoking bloody cigars... how dare they! Bloody ashing all over the sacred turf of the Optus Stadium. The Nerve!!! Win one grand final after 57 years and think you're god?
  11. perfecdraw... best 30 bucks you'll ever spend... Again... in your case
  12. Well, atleast theyre right.... the box is recyclable 🤣
  13. My point is that to us here, even if the prices increased by double right now, it wouldn't really be out of the ordinary for us. Just because we're used to the super high price anyway. Maybe this is a reflection of humanity anyway. Even though taxes have increased from 250dollars per kilo to 1700$ per kilo here in the last 12 years, people are still buying cigars and new people keep coming into the hobby in this country. So really, i would say an increase in price would see some reduction in consumption but overall an increase in revenue from habanos perspective. My favourite saying here is "t
  14. Let me share the price list of a local cigar bar. And yes this is for singles. Siglo 2 - 125 (91usd) Vegueros Mananitas - 50 (36usd) Monte 2 - 138 (100usd) Now granted this is damn right the highest prices i have seen in the country, but still, for the people buying at FoH prices, this is some perspective for you for whats normal in other parts of the world.
  15. Not my fault I'm just driving you all to peak performance.

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