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  1. Picadores are a Habanos specialist release or something i think, and they are not on the list just like Connie A and B Punch 48 etc are not on that list. Neither are LCDHs.
  2. In america i think tax is based per cigar or something. In australia Tax is based per gram of tobacco. So a robusto costs about 20 dollars in tax, a double corona about 35 dollars in tax. so buying 50 double coronas you're looking at 1750 in taxes alone... but buying 10 is a more budget manageable 350 bucks of tax.
  3. I wouldn’t buy it because it just means you’re stuck with 50 shit cigars if it’s a dud box. I’d rather two dress Boxes than one cab. Or 5x 10 counts.
  4. I only see it surviving through a massive overhaul of the brand. Add shiny gold and holograms and red sickle and stars on the band, add atleast three more bands, hell make it all band. Box should be covered in gold leaf. Then there's a chance.
  5. There have certainly been a hell of a lot of highly suspicious sites popping up in the last two years. I don't think the price rises will increase that in anyway. I think the people who purhcased these fakes before will continue to purchase, but i dont think the fake market is increasing. Depends on how you define fake though ofcourse. I think factory back door boxes will boom, im alreayd suspicious of sources im seeing that have stock of things that by all rights shouldnt have it. Either the best fakes ive ever seen (cant find any fault in them) or true back door job.
  6. What i want to know, i jsut want one example, one story of a guy seeing some fancy bloke walk into a high end lounge and say "my team has just won the suprbowl, i want 10 boxes of the very best of cuban cigars, i want Trinidad". Every man, his dog, and the millenial poser next to him knows cohiba and will do anything for the cohiba money shot. Even montecristo and romeo y julieta and partagas are known brands. I have never once heard of anyone asking for Trinidad other than us enthusiasts. We are not the demographic they are chasing.
  7. All of the above. - Price of cigars has increased significantly - Before cigars were a wealthy item, now they are more everyday items, and every day people have limited budgets, they can't dedicate as much capital to a humidor full of 50cabs. - Availability has increased (obviously not now) with many ways of being able to find and buy cigars, so there's no need to hoard cigars. - Tax of course impacting the price. - People of previous generations were repeatable, they would buy what they liked and stick with it. People these days are happy to try new things and move on to other products, so a 50cab is a commitment to most people. - Before cigars needed to be aged and so a bundle was an easy one off purchase. Now days cigars are more approachable young and hence buying a 10 count to smoke now is fine, and then buying another in 1 year when you finished with it is easy. That's my list of reasons.
  8. That is true! Potentially rebranding to a shiny new red and gold band and varnished gold embossed box will elevate it's appeal to high end markets. Maybe it needs a 4th band 😂
  9. As other have suggested. 1. You're too too late. 2. The cheapest cigar you will buy will be the one you bought yesterday. 3. Prices will not come down, even after supply might increase in 4 years time. I would say the one strong reason to buy now is overall quality right now that is very good. I sold all my 2012-2015 stock over the last few years and loaded up on the same stuff in 2019/2020/2021 boxes.
  10. Considering the drastic price hike, how long you think Trini will last? I mean Cohiba has the following to demand any price, but i've not known Trinidad to have anywhere near the following with the high end buyers to be able to support a price hike. I'm predicting the brand will be dead within 3 years due to lack of sales. What do you reckon?
  11. https://halfwheel.com/habanos-s-a-announces-revenue-of-568-million-will-hold-gala-evening-celebrating-cohiba-on-sept-9/408648/ About as reliable numbers as Rob when he tells you he's off the booze. I wonder how the revenue relates to profits this year considering no workers and lower variable costs due to lower manufacturing.
  12. Just wondering. If Cuba wil reduce ultra premium volume. More tobacco will go to regular stuff right? So Monte 4s and JLPs with cohiba quality tobacco in em. Seems like wins all round for us regular folk. 😂
  13. I think they will increase a little bit, but not back to where it was in 2019. Everyone is saying that as price goes up habanos will lose lots of money. Not a chance. As price goes up, there are a shit tonne of buyers waiting to snap up every last cigar. Not most of us here. But there are many buyers out there willing to pay any cost. Habanos revenue will be 20% higher than 2019 in 18 months from now is my prediction. On another note.... some vendors have started removing Cohiba and Trinidad from offerings completely... is a new price point about to be deployed?
  14. Is @Ken Gargett in charge while you are away Pres? Asking for a friend.
  15. Eid Mubarak one and all. Hope you’ve had a great month. For me I’ve had my in laws staying with us for the whole month so yeah…with no cigars for the month, no coffee... yeah rather not talk about it 🤭. Coupled with us being careful and not going to mosque for the usual extra prayers it’s been a strange ramadhan. Today I’ve got some insights into what happens if you break your fast. There are two categories. First if you miss a fast due to a valid reason such as traveling, pregnant, period, illness, hard labour job, or some other real reason then you simply make up those days you missed at some point in the following year before the start of the next ramadhan. Second is the people who intentionally break their fast or don’t fast without a valid reason. This is considered a major sin in Islam and repentance has to be paid. There are two options here. For each day that you missed you have to provide 60 meals to the needy. Or for each day that you missed you have to fast for 60 consecutive days. Crazy! Who said Islam wasn’t a forgiving religion 😁 Anyway. Have a wonderful day to all whom are celebrating and to the rest you heathens have a wonderful day all the same😁 Mus
  16. My heart bleeds 😂. I only wish it’s a standardised price globally. We’ve been paying it for years. It’s not the end of the world.
  17. I 100000% thought the "i know what time my last ash dropped" was a pointed question at you... i even was sure when i clicked the "who voted for this" that it would be you 🤣
  18. It's going to close if Cuba keeps going how it's going. I don't personally see any return to 2018 ever again. Theyve found a good niche, they'll stick with it.
  19. Very important point missed Cigar Inventory: I use CCW with pictures of all boxes, codes and price saved on the site. I weigh my cigars looking for very very low weight examples for...... reasons of reducing cost 😉
  20. Told ya, pyriamid ponzi time share scam all in one with a pretty "BITCOIN GAZILLIONAIRE" bow on it. I mean. They could jsut sell the license of distribution to the highest bidder.....
  21. I'd rather whomever seems to make the boxes to a high standard to make the cigars, and let the guys making the piss poor QC cigars make the boxes.
  22. Ive got my super (retirment fund in australia) parked in full cash expecting a crash. It might be 6 months from now but i think a down trend is the only way forward. My problem is how i manage the current plans for building a new house... between builders here going bust, supply and labour shortages, the price of building at the moment and the price of renting while my house gets built, I might really be better off building at another time.
  23. When i hear employee termination and poor performance, i fear Di will fire you Pres.
  24. I hundred percent agree. I think vegueros are pretty good, albeit now days not a very good price point. Before it was a middle ground between a Favoritos and D4, now vegueros is closer to D4 money. I wholly agree though that there was an element of grass/hay/sweetness that to me was reminiscent of a poor example of a Siglo 1.

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