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  1. Maui Jim's for sure, best fishing glasses ever!
  2. I converted to a Mac in August of 2015, still use Windows on a VM for some stuff, but other than that I never look back. And yes, let the haters hate!
  3. I drilled mine at the bottom near the drain plug where I could tell the only thing was insulation. If you purchased a winador with thermoelectric cooling unit all the electronics are in the middle and top, pretty safe drilling in the middle bottom. Hope that helps
  4. What is your competitive product? Is it available? I have Oust fans the work great for coolidors, they too are over 25$ us if you can find one. -Frank
  5. It's the dreaded "green gold" mold, send them to me I'll dispose for you :-)
  6. I am a bit Compulsive so when someone wrote about pulling out the stems in tight sticks, I pulled out my hemostats from my fishing vest (fish guts and all) and now I never have a plugged cigar. It might get a little cracked and ragged looking especially when it comes to thin wrappers, but hey I win!
  7. 14 Sir Winston best cigar I have had this year, burned through 3/4 of a box already, I aging and 2 more en route.....yeah Im a hoarder....
  8. Is that the guys rod tip at 1:29? HAHA

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