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  1. Now this is what I'm talking about GREAT new look... Thanks guys!!!
  3. » Estuche especial conmemorativo del X Festival del Habano. Commemorative » Case 10th Edition of the Habanos Festival » » Exclusivo para las Casas del Habano y Especialistas. » Exclusively aimed to CDH and Specialists » » 20 000 estuches. » 20 000 cases » » Intentar Lanzamiento Navidad 2008. » To be launched in Christmas 2008, if possible » » » » Yes that is interesting looking Rob have you had a chance to get your hands on some of the X Festival boxes? I have seen them all over the place on price from $350.00-$1000.00
  4. Found this on craigslist, and picked it up for 125.00. Going to get it tonight. :-D :-D
  5. » My new desktop humidor finally arrived today! It was handcrafted in solid » Bubinga wood with ebony accents. There's something really awesome about a » pyramid and I can't think of a better place for cigars to rest under. Now, » I need to get my order together for the big sale so I can fill 'er up! » » » » Awesome where can I get one of these??
  6. » Looks like the Chicago Cubs shirt... j/k from a Cards fan.
  7. Hope this does not take up to much band width but thought I would post some funny ****.
  8. I can't take it anymore Rob.... When? When? When? can we see the new site??? Arlo
  9. Welcome Zeke Born and raised in North Andover..
  10. To bad Ronald Regan isn't still alive!!! McCain (I can only hope) 10,120 :crying:
  11. Thanks Rob After my little post and abuse.. I kinda shyed away for a bit. I do agree that its better just to keep your views to yourself and only voice them at the voting box. Arlo
  12. Claudius Don't suppose you would be interested in selling any of those RASS or Bolivar before they go bad??? » Just a pic of my (not yet finished) wine and cigar cellar. In the second » pic, I have moved some of the cigars from the front row of the right » shelf. » » » »
  13. Rob you gave him plenty of opportunities to explain but he did not take you up on your generous offer. Bye Bye "No Nuts"
  14. Welcome Home Lisa, glad to hear you had a great Holiday... Now Get To Work!!!:-D

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