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  1. The word kulo means forest fire (burn clearing the forest).
  2. Everybody wants something thats LE. It can be cigars, alcohol, candy clothes etc. And prices are sky high. Also stockmarket has gone crazy.
  3. Those are vintage! Buy it before someone else gets them!!
  4. https://www.kamadojoe.com/collections/accessories/products/kamado-joe®-sloroller-w-stainless-steel-cooking-rack Fits Kamado Joe Classic I, II or Big Joe I, II
  5. Question to KJ owners. Is the main difference between KJ classic ii and classic iii the sloroller smoke chaimber? Have you used it with or without the chaimber? is there any difference?
  6. I was thinking the Classic ii but that is 1500€ and no major discounts or autum clearance.
  7. Cigars that are packed in 25 or 50 cabinets are ment to be smoked like this.
  8. I have been looking for kamado joe or bge and the kj seems to be better value. bge is more expensice and all accessories cost much more. they are usuallu not in discount.
  9. Box of boli tubos nro 1 and Trinidad single that did not survive the journey.
  10. Did not work for me either ( iphone8 Europe).
  11. But the word Washington can be confused with George Washington who was white man. Thats racism.

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