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  1. Does anybody have RASS 50 cab box code LGB OCT 20?
  2. What Bespoke would you recommend to someone that has not ever tried any?
  3. I think I will stop buying when I get my 2 Adorini humidors ( habana deluxe and prato) full. I can still pack 2-4 boxes and then I have to either stop buying or buy another humidor. I have only smoked couple of cigars last year since I usually don’t smoke by myself. Please show pics of your humidors!
  4. I was thinking of buying RASS cab. In generally how do they age?
  5. I have one nub cafe. Does that count?
  6. Does anybody know are cruise ships returning to Cuba in the near future?
  7. Have you tried Tatuaje petit cazadores reserva?
  8. I would love to buy one box of LGC Md4 but not a chance since I live in Europe.
  9. I haven’t had a chance to buy anything in last couple of years. I scored some fundadores when my wife woke up every night to breastfeed our son. Nowadays I sleep when the boxes are sold. In the morning all is sold out.

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