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  1. I think that many of us really would like to see pics of your humidors! Please.
  2. Yesterday when we were looking the cars it was +12 and raining:) Today +13 and sunshine. Its our summer😃
  3. My recent trip to Sweden (Haparanda). Not much to buy at local store.
  4. I am going to Newcastle (UK) in october. Any ideas where I should look if I want to try to find a Box? You can send me personal message if you have ideas.
  5. In Finland we have lots of mosquitoes and I have found out that they dont like Cohibas. Thats the ultimate insect repellent.
  6. Was the lcdh at st. kitts good? I am thinking of going to cruise that stops at st. kitts.
  7. Lagavulin 16. Not too expensive and really really good.

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