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  1. I would like to visit Russia some day. I live in Finland but I have never been in Russia. Also I dont have any RE Russia cigars either.
  2. PSP punch punch from Rob.
  3. Why is Imperial tobacco selling its share of habanos sa? Because of this is just the start.
  4. I have had lots of beads in my previous humidors but because my beads have had sone sort of chemical smell I changes them to Bovedas. Right now I have same problem with two different electronic humidifiers (le veil and cigar oasis plus3.0) if I set the humidifiers to 70RH the humidity stabilizes to 60-62Rh. If I set it to 71 both humidifiers start to run constantly and the humidity jumps to >70RH. Has anybody have this kind of problem?
  5. Nothing because I just got 24:24 PSP punch punch box even cheaper than todays discount:😀
  6. The selves are not completely useles because they absorb water and also smell good.
  7. Question to Mr Piggy. My humidor is cabinet without temp control. Today it was 72F/22celsius and 62% humidity. Does that sound like good enough?
  8. Homer

    Humidor crisis

    There is also hugeo difference between the bottom and top of the wineador. Do not use the cooling unit at all. Put in lots of 65% Bovedas.
  9. Cohiba robusto UBM JUL 18
  10. I put my 2 new boxes of cigars yesterday in 2 ziplock bags. No vacuum. Just pressed the most of air out. Freezer 4 days, fridge 1 day and then in to my humidor.
  11. When will this brexit circus end? Everybody in the Europe are tired of this bullshit.
  12. Best coffee I have ever had was small village in Tuscany. They make the best espresso ever. Worst coffee is served in many breakfast places around USA. Its so diluted that after 2 cups I still dont feel any caffeine boost that I need in the morning.
  13. Yes I know I am not that target group that this cigar is made for. I am more of cheep and cheerful kind of guy.

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