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  1. 1. Cuba 2. Antarctica cruise 3. Galapagos islands cruise 4. New Zealand 5. Botswana Okavango Delta safari
  2. Monday morning I will take my second dose of Pfizers vaccine.
  3. It’s funny that some people are so concerned about vaccines rare side effects but same time same people smoke tobacco, drink alcohol and eat unhelthy food🙄
  4. Mailman brought me this box. it was -28 degrees Celsius outside🥶
  5. Has anyone tried these beers that are named ”kalsarikännit” https://www.twobirdsbrewing.com.au/pantsdrunk/ Those are so called hipster beers and thats not typical to ”kalsarikännit”. If you are going to get ”kalsarikännit” you are supposed to drink something basic like regular lager beer (Budweiser/Fosters erc) or Jack Daniels/Bundaberg rum etc.
  6. Any advice where to get one peso cigar? Its not possible to travel to cuba. I have never tried a peso cigar.
  7. I can trade my full box of La Gloria Cubana medaille d’or no. 2 to Rolex Yacht master 37 rose gold. That’s a good investment.
  8. Box of Bolivar tubos nro 1 and NC sampler.
  9. The word kulo means forest fire (burn clearing the forest).
  10. Everybody wants something thats LE. It can be cigars, alcohol, candy clothes etc. And prices are sky high. Also stockmarket has gone crazy.
  11. Those are vintage! Buy it before someone else gets them!!
  12. https://www.kamadojoe.com/collections/accessories/products/kamado-joe®-sloroller-w-stainless-steel-cooking-rack Fits Kamado Joe Classic I, II or Big Joe I, II

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