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  1. Homer

    NC to CC Converts

    I could bring my CC:s with me. I am more interested of some NC cigars that are hard to find in Europe.
  2. Homer

    NC to CC Converts

    I have mainly smoked cuban cigars for 10 years. After graduaiting medical school I fell in love with CC:s. First was Cohiba siglo 2. It was so good I started this wonderful hobby. I have mainly smoked cuban cigars ( I lve in Europe). I come to USA for holiday in december. I would like to have some advice what NC:s to buy. Warped maybe?
  3. Homer

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    What do you think about that Warped cigar?
  4. Its a shame that it´s allmost impossible to get those humidors in Europe. At least shipping + taxes makes the price relly high. I would love to have Aristocrat M plus (Black ).
  5. Homer


    We are the best, we are the best. 😀 The fastest nation in the world.
  6. Any suggestions what NC:s can be stored in a humidor many years without them getting worse? I come to Florida at december so I might buy some NC cigars as a christmas present for myself
  7. Box of the new Tatuaje Monster.
  8. Box code LUB MAR 15 and label AGED HABANOS 🤣
  9. My first humidor was for 50 cigars. Second for 100, third for 300 and fourth for 1200:) Dont buy too small.
  10. What about Warped El Oso Cub/mama/papa? I would love to try one of those.
  11. Cohiba Coronas Especiales from 24:24. Thank you Rob, Diana and FOH team.
  12. I would like to ask some advice about Fort Lauderdale hotels. We are planning of staying there 4 nights at December before cruise. Good value hotel that is near restaurants and shops would be something I am looking for. We have 2 years old child with us so we don’t need any nightclubs or bars but pool or beach would be nice.

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