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  1. I have cigar oasis plus 3.0 (in the bottom of my small cabinet humidor). it has 2 times started to run constantly full speed and the humidity was 75%. I think is not reliable but I will give it one more Chance. Now I also have 65% Bovedas.
  2. Please show some pictures of you humidors. Please please😀
  3. I am ENT surgeon but my childhood dream was to be train driver or pilot (airline).
  4. Would it be good idea to use product like Xikar HumiFan to get the air circulate? I have small cabinet humidor with passive humidifier system (bovedas) and I am thinking on buying something like humifan. I have cigar oasis plus 3.0 but I am not using it right now since it has 2 times freaked out and started to blow moist air in full speed for many hours. Its not nice to notice that the humidity % is 75 instead of 63% like it should be.
  5. When I was a child my first VHS-box was star wars episodes 4-6. It was great!
  6. I think that many of us really would like to see pics of your humidors! Please.
  7. Yesterday when we were looking the cars it was +12 and raining:) Today +13 and sunshine. Its our summer😃

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