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  1. Best coffee I have ever had was small village in Tuscany. They make the best espresso ever. Worst coffee is served in many breakfast places around USA. Its so diluted that after 2 cups I still dont feel any caffeine boost that I need in the morning.
  2. Yes I know I am not that target group that this cigar is made for. I am more of cheep and cheerful kind of guy.
  3. Great review. The price is so high that only millionaines can think of buying it.
  4. I saw some BUM boxcode Cohiba Robustos at local B&M. Anybody have those?
  5. Homer


    Even Local B&M can’t do online busines in Finland. So I cant order any tobacco product online legally.
  6. Homer


    In Finland you can only bring 2 boxes. Also ordering cigars through internet is illegal. If you get caught you will lose the cigars. So no chance of gettin 20-30 boxes of cigars through custom. Taxes in Finland are also one of the highest in the world.
  7. Sounds like talismans value is sinking if you bought them just for purpose to sell it in the future.
  8. Ikeas furniture are made of sawdust. So I would expect cigars would be shortfiller🤓
  9. BLM SEP 11 and I bought it 2-3 years ago.
  10. I bought my box of clasicos from Rob 😎
  11. Does anyone have experience of Yacht Master 37mm, everose gold?
  12. Homer

    Who here home brews?

    Something like this would be fun. Sadly I don’t have room/competence for this.
  13. Yes. 4-5 days in freezer (-21 C), 1 day in fridge (+5 C) and then in to my humidor.
  14. 759$ for a box. because the second band is shiny. My precious...

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