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  1. Are Avallo or Vigilant in same price range as Aristocrat? More expensive?
  2. Effective 1/18/19 We are not taking any new orders for Aristocrat Cabinet Humidors. We are not going out of business. could it be that someone someday continues his busines?
  3. Sounds good. The only problen now is how to get the humidor in Europe without paying fortune of the shipping.
  4. can you disconnect the peltier element without shutting down the humidifier? In Finland I would only use the cooling system during summer.
  5. These are alternative facts.
  6. How much costs that kind of humidor?
  7. Are the aristocrat humidors made of plywood and inside on covered with cedar? What about doors etc? Solid wood?
  8. I asked local carpenten to do couple of standard shelves to my old vineador. The price for plain shelf was 200€ each. So no deal at that price.
  9. Group deal would be nice but hard to arrange. I expect the shipping would be something like 500-1000 dollars. Plus 24% tax in Finland.
  10. I really would like to buy aristocrat M plus or similar size but it’s impossible to find them in Europe.
  11. If you allways use antibiotic for diarrhea you will end up getting multiresistent bacterial colonization in your colon. One day it maight cause you infection that cannot be trated with any antibiotic. And yes, I am ENT doctor.
  12. Work and NO cigars. I am our hospitals only ENT surgeon who has to work from monday 3pm to wednesday 3pm.
  13. Returned yesterday from Florida. Some NC from Fort Lauderdale and award winning Finnish gin from plane.
  14. I like these dark and oily/shiny wrappers
  15. Homer

    NC to CC Converts

    I could bring my CC:s with me. I am more interested of some NC cigars that are hard to find in Europe.

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