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  1. Potato wedges are seasoned with paprika powder and vegetable oil. Then cooked in oven 225 celsius for aprox 40-45min. We make those often because they are easy to make and very delicious. I hope you enjoy those!
  2. Flat iron is my favourite. I usually buy it from nearby farm. Big green egg 225 celsius. Salt&pepper. 3 min/side. I let it rest in tinfoil for 10min. so good with chimichurry.
  3. "We even sometimes run out of José L. Piedras or Quinteros! " Things are really serious😃
  4. 71.3F is aprox 21,8celsius? My humidors 62-64rH and 21-22 celsius seems ok. 65% bovedas do the work.
  5. Looks good. So I would say that is not a fake box of CC.
  6. You should see your urologist.
  7. They are like free range eggs compared to regular ones. Cigars in cabs are happier because they have much nicer place to live.
  8. I wish we could get those kind of humidors in Europe. Looks great!

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