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  1. Habanos SA is owned by Cubans and Chinese. We won't get any reliable sales data from them. How would you react if the price of BMW would increase 100-200% and for the new price you get the same old car + extra BMW sticker that you can put where ever you like? You would probably say:
  2. The bubble at Nasdaq has already been exploded. Look at the stock prices of new tech companies like Snowflake 400->133USD, Doordash 300->70USD There is no such thing as eternal bubble or eternally rising markets.
  3. Gimme Danger imperial stout
  4. I would try it. Coffee flavoured NUB cigars are not that bad. Please don’t laugh😃
  5. Sooner or later russian airplanes can’t fly anywhere since they can not get spare parts from Airbus or Boeing.
  6. Sad news. I live in another part of the world but I have felt that he was very important member of this forum. RIP.
  7. I just ordered box of Tatuaje Miami Noellas and box of Padron 1964 Anniversary principe natural.
  8. Can you recommend any online cigar shop from USA that has good selection (Padron, Opus X etc) and sends cigars to abroad (US airforce base to Middle East). ? Please send PM. It's Al Udeid Air Base in Doha. I have no idea will any cigar shop be able to send there anything.
  9. My friend is going to to work in Doha for 3 months and the situation in LCDH seems sad. He is going to order some nice NC from USA bacause they can be ordered without taxes. If you have recommendations of good cigar shops in the States that send to middle east please send me PM.
  10. It`s a shame that none of those smaller house cognacs are available in Finland.
  11. I just bought a bottle of Camus Borderies VSOP. Can`t wait to try it. I would love to try Martel Cohiba but the price aprox 420€ is just something I am not going to pay for it.
  12. Soup bowls are not LE. And since they are not expensive they can’t be that good:)

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