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  1. Wow Lisa, that's quite a breaking news story.....congratulations! Rob says not to worry about anything and to take a full 18 months leave with full pay and benefits of course.
  2. Excellent review Ken, and I agree with you 100% on the Esplendido being an outstanding cigar. I would say some of the best regular production cigars I've ever had were 6 or 7 cardboard 3-packs of Esplendidos I got from Rob a few years ago, I believe they are either KNA JUN04 or perhaps 05's. I still have about a dozen of them left and I would put those particular ones up against ANY Havana cigar, any size or marque.
  3. Including much of what's already been mentioned, I've really enjoyed the '08 Trini Colonials.
  4. I heard that in IL a (D) after the politicians name no longer stands for Democrat, it stands for Defendant.
  5. Reason number 163 why Australia is so sparsely populated.
  6. I had a Punch Punch which was decent followed by an RyJ Escudo EL which was awful, in fact it was not only the worst EL I've ever had but also the worst cigar overall, just terrible.
  7. <<< I have to say I hate seeing great fish destroyed. I remember seeing photo's of a 1000 lb Marlin being strung up and weighed in Cairns last year. I could never understand why. Interesting though was a Marine Biologist commented that Marlin can put on 100lb in a year and that the 1000lb marlin was unlikely to be more than 10 years old. Still, shame to see such a majestic animal strung up on a dock. >>> Agree 110%
  8. Finally a nice review......glad I just ordered a couple 3-packs! Rob make sure I get that same datecode please :-)
  9. Good jobe on the review Ken. Who were those other 3 reviewer wannabees in that video??
  10. I think this is a good subject for discussion. I keep all my stuff between 61 - 63 F. and 66% RH year around and I know the low temps make my cigars age very slowly which I prefer. Most of my older EL's from 2000 - 2001 haven't changed in profile much at all to my taste. I don't think I'd want to go much below 60 F. though only because as the temps drop too low it becomes harder to keep the humidity in vapor form. I have heard however that some very serious collectors in Asia keep their stuff intended for long term ageing in the mid/high 50's F. and the high 50's RH and sealed in plastic bags.
  11. Ken, Curious why you have Trinidad on level 2 as opposed to level 1? I've always considered the entire Trinidad line as top notch myself.
  12. Wow, it sure as hell didn't take long for this otherwise good concept to turn south!
  13. Very good idea Rob and a nice video tasting review!........well, except for the part where Kens feet are dead smack in the middle of the picture, LOLOL.
  14. I'd like to get some of those black Habanos humidity pouches with the ziploc closure and the silver foil-like inside. A german vendor once sent some singles in one of those and they are great for carrying around to keep several cigars fresh.
  15. Even during the best of times I never got an invite to anything from anyone, and this year even my wife told me her employer said that spouses were specifically not invited to her firms holiday party due to cost constraints.

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