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  1. I will refrain from posting Zager & Evans song. I cant even imagine what 5 decades will bring.
  2. Anthonyyyyyyyyy.........
  3. Must be dried out like turds. He is a politician. His only focus is his own benefit.
  4. Indeed we will be colonizing Mars by 2020. Alexandria Occasional Cortex was seen getting fitted for a helmet at Elon Musks SpaceX compound.
  5. I think moron spores float around the world and attach themselves to nitwits like this. I can name a few on this side of the pond but I think I would get a vacation !
  6. smokum

    In the future ....

    That would be a world I would not want to live in. C15B43E7-7DDE-4003-A6A1-4E7097D95FF2.MOV
  7. smokum

    Fakes in Cuba

    I’m kinda with you there ! Depending on how hot she was anyway.
  8. This is the stuff I love about FOH. The history is fascinating.
  9. Havana Aramis is a good scent. Low key. Nice.
  10. Last of the Mohicans SDC 3 , PCS MAR07. Courtesy of some young fella named Rob.
  11. I use the Amazon wicking in my Aristocrat . Bob told me how to hot glue them to make correct size. I have never had an issue with mine going too high in humidity. I have also never had any condensation form from the cooling units. What temp are you keeping yours at ?
  12. While I tend to agree with Piggy that construction is the main culprit for tunneling I do believe an overly humidified cigar or outdoor conditions can cause this issue sometimes. For the most part if they start tunneling I toss it and start another. Today I smoked a rather awsum Sig VI from 03. It was fantastic all the way thru to the last 2 inches when it went south and started to tunnel. Kind of wonder why it went south that far along . A rock hard cherry is poor construction/draw to me.

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