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  1. Very dark roasting hides some of the more delicate flavors and acidity. It heats the sugars in the bean to a more caramel smokey type flavor and masks much of the floral or citrus notes. I personally like a darker roast for the sweetness. I buy mine from a local roaster in Chicago. Italian family. And he willnot do a very dark “espresso” roast. He calls his a Roman/Northern italian roast. Its good stuff. Your friend is going to make some really nice coffee beans . Enjoy them.
  2. Congrats to all who lost some weight and got a bit healthier in their eating habits. Two takeaways no matter who the winner is 1) there are no foot models here 2) Rob needs to stop smoking large ring gage cigars with his feet
  3. smokum

    You Can Always Go Around

    I could and do watch that stuff for days. Not political but when I watch these machines I do get a sense of pride. My oldest brother was USAF career E9 stationed at Scott AFB for his last years. For 5or 6 years we went to Open Houes Air Show. Thunderbirds in their Falcons and seeing the F15 make its passes and then tip straight up and go until it was out of sight was awe inspiring. Space Shuttle on its piggyback ride home on top of its 747. Best ever was an SR71. It was unscheduled but passing thru. Low speed pass and then came arount and he also pointed it to the heavens and just..went ! You can’t help but feel proud. RIP Den.
  4. smokum

    Quickie...but important.

    Glad it was shut down. Day in and day out in Chicago I hear about this type of garbage. I think if the world called a pot luck dinner and everyone brought a good cigar and some food ,most of the problems could be solved without politics politicians or religion. It’s late. I have to go check my Sensor Push to make sure I am not 1/100 of a percentage point off on my humidity. Nite all !
  5. smokum

    You Can Always Go Around

    Vandenberg....funny story. Late 80’s Flew in to LA and decided to drive up the PCH to Monterey for the Historical races. Noticed a bunch of satellite stuff up in the hills as we approached Vandenberg area. We decided we should stop at Vandenberg to see if we could take a public tour or something. We drove up tomthe gate and the nice fellows came out with M16’s. Asked what we wanted. Told them we wanted to take a tour. Nice fellow says”sir this is not a tourist attration” please turn around and leave....OK no problem.
  6. It was supposed to be “In a Garden of Eden”..... possibly some psyhedelics involved and it morphed a bit !
  7. Warped and twisted bastards no matter what they felt was a good reason to do this.
  8. Best glorified garage band song ever. Killer drum solo that all the kids tried to duplicate and that crazy sound out of a Mosrite guitar. Great handle choice. Gotta be of a certain age to reach back for that one.
  9. Just poking around and down at the bottom of page in the current online member list, this stuck out to me....”In-a-gadda-Davidoff” brilliant whoever you are !
  10. Honestly my son didnt say either way. Its just that look that kids give you when they know more than anyone else. I won’t bother to ask him for a scientific opinion. Hell just seeing him is like having an audience with the Pope. Unless he is hungry. And I have no idea what a subreddit is either !!! My only science is lighting them, smoking them and either I like it or I dont. If I dont like it by 2nd 3rd I toss it and light another.
  11. I consulted my son, who I am paying an ungodly amount of money for his chemical engineering degree. He gave me the look. Then he asked me if I was an idiot. I beat him up and lit up a Partagas Corona.
  12. I would put my money in some sort of manufacturing. The Cuban people are going to need to work before they can buy much of anything.
  13. How are those cigars smoking at 60f and 70rh ? Mine have been kept for many years at about 12% moisture content according to Piggy’s chart . One question I have on his chart , is it the purple box or the green box that we look to mirror. I understand the chart was developed using a different tobacco than cigar leaf but it looks like a very good bit of information. In the end it comes down to how your cigars are aging and smoking. So far so good for me.

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