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  1. Been there. Done that. It will get better given a little time.
  2. smokum

    Notre-Dame Cathedral

    This is a loss to the entire world. Stained glass alone was priceless.
  3. Always had to turn away with this one. It was horrendous.
  4. Oil is even further from being dead. Tesla would be dead if it wasnt for public funds.
  5. Baby Boomers.... there are LOADS of used Harleys for sale now with very few miles on them. Everyone grew a beard and had to have one. When it gets hard to get your tired old arthritic leg over the seat and even harder to hold the damn thing up you realize its time to give it up. They have tried to target a younger market but younger folks want more power,better handling etc. The price of a Harley is more than a similar smooth riding and running foreign cruiser. The water coolers never took off like they wanted but I am told they are good bikes but guys who want sport bikes arent buying VRods. The electric bike is too expensive and kind of goofy looking. They want to position themselves as a premium bike with premium prices. Old guys will never ride anything but a Harley. Young guys will never ride a Harley. They are in a tough spot. They have been in tough spots thru their history. Hope they survive it. I thought I read where they are trying very hard to make a much stronger push in the non U.S. market .
  6. Micro aggressions of course. Everything seems to be racist in some way today. I dont suppose Prince could have a “wednesday is Prince spaghetti day” ad today.... I felt offended and marginalized at this micro aggression.....who can I sue ?
  7. Just seeing pics of these proud people making the best cigars in the world is pretty cool. No matter how many they make. Just remarkable pics.
  8. Got that news many years ago. Layed off for a long time. Turned 60. Back at it. If its not that it will be something else. I secretly think doctors go home and stuff their faces with beef, drink whiskey , smoke weed and cigars.
  9. Good Lord. Parodi’s. When I was very young we would go visit my cousin in the neigborhood. There was an Italian “club” on the corner. I believe it was called San Di Rocco. They all smoked Parodi’s. There was a guy there we called Cleats due to the cleats he wore on his shoes. You could always hear him coming. He was old and we messed with him mercilessly because he couldn’t catch us. All in good fun of course. Until our dads beat our butt when they found out. Thanks for the trip down memory lane ! I am gonna have to go find a Parodi now. They stunk pretty bad and looked like chihuahua turds.
  10. Looks like it may be dark roast. Before and after.
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