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  1. Im going to wait. I was un fortunate to have been hit with heparin induced thrombocytopenia thrombosis. It was no fun. Nearly killed me if not for a very astute doctor who recognized it. If doc says its safe for me then maybe I will take it. Personal choice I guess. Daughter is an ER nurse, son in law is a fireman, grandaughter is just plain beautiful. They all had it. I believe I had it in late November 2019 a few weeks before it was recognized. It was pretty horrible for over a month. But that thrombocytopenia stuff is no joke either.
  2. This is from a phlebotomist in Chicago. She puts a great perspective on this bug. I am going to try and get tested once more tests for antibodies are available My daughter the ER nurse says that people are coming in with many different symptom that are not on the list of symptoms to get tested. Many no fever, so e with abdominal pain, some with new onset arrhythmias. Good car buddy of mine reached out from the St Louis area to let me know he is getting over the CV. He told me he was very cautious in his day to day but one day he walked in the house and his teeth started chattering uncontrollably and then full uncontrollable body shivers. He told me he fully expected to die but didnt want to die in a cocoon at a hospital so he stayed home. I didnt ask what treatment he received if any. He has lung damage now but is glad to be alive. This is a nasty bug for sure.
  3. I think this guy knows a thing or two...NY is really getting hit hard. Chicago is growing too. My beautiful daughter is in an ER. I can’t see her now. She is busy but not many cases yet in her county which os 90 miles from Chicago. Its taking a toll on Chicago Police now too just as in NY. Going to be a whole different place when we come out the other side. This one is bad.
  4. Plenty of flour was available but no bread....shelter in place order starting at 5pm here in Illinois. Maybe get a few hours of worry in for my ER nurse oldest daughter.
  5. Who knows. It was late November after Thanksgiving until Jan 1. Whatever it was it was the most brutal thing I have been thru in decades. All upper respiratory but luckily no pneumonia. Its been here that long in my opinion. Whether thats what it was I have no idea. But pretty sure once we get a lot more tests done we are gonna see a whole lot more who have been infected . Probably a staggering amount. Doctors answer was based on no one knowing what it was then. I wish I could get an antibody test.
  6. Today there was a fistfight at the local grocery store . I didnt bother going in. Went to my local little italian deli that I have known the family for decades. They also got swarmed. They dont carry any TP or sanitizers or that stuff. Just meat, lunch meat, dry pasta, frozen homemade dinners etc. I walked in later just before close. They were frazzled and pee’d off. Nearly all the dry pastas, all the frozen dinners, most of the lunch meats and all of the good italian bread was wiped out. They said most of the people they have never seen before. I actually only went in for some Bread but nothing. So I picked up a couple choice steaks, a ring of italian sausage, pecorino romano, locatelli and a few pounds of dry pasta they had in back. The ladies there said the people treated them like crap and talking poorly to them. People seem to be losing their minds with this thing. Hopefully it settles down a bit soon and people are stuck with their 10,000 rolls of TP and 40 cases of water. I went to an indoor car show the weekend before Thanksgiving. I got the worst respiratory virus I have ever had. It was brutal. This was BEFORE Wuhan was announced. It was with me until a week after New Years Day. I went to clinics as an emergency visit and then to my own doc. They just said virus at that time but not yet pneumonia. Yesterday I was at a regular doc visit and I mentioned that now after the fact I think I may have had some form of this. She said it was very likely. So I guess I may have dodged a bullet. My lungs arent the best anyway. This crap has been out there a while before China announced it. Luckily I live alone and dont think I infected anyone at the time and I was in no shape to go out anyway. Common sense will prevail here. Wash your hands. Dont touch your face and stay out of crowds. Schools, all large functions and even church has shut down. Gonna be a while we just need patience I guess. Good news is, today me and a couple buddies smoked my last 3 RJ Cazadores from about 08. Wonderful.
  7. Geoffrey Baer has done a lot of amazing public television. From the architectural shows in Chicago to neighborhood histories, parks, . Basically everything cool about Chicago and its history. Just a real pro at what he does.
  8. I will refrain from posting Zager & Evans song. I cant even imagine what 5 decades will bring.
  9. Must be dried out like turds. He is a politician. His only focus is his own benefit.
  10. Indeed we will be colonizing Mars by 2020. Alexandria Occasional Cortex was seen getting fitted for a helmet at Elon Musks SpaceX compound.
  11. I think moron spores float around the world and attach themselves to nitwits like this. I can name a few on this side of the pond but I think I would get a vacation !
  12. That would be a world I would not want to live in. C15B43E7-7DDE-4003-A6A1-4E7097D95FF2.MOV
  13. I’m kinda with you there ! Depending on how hot she was anyway.
  14. Last of the Mohicans SDC 3 , PCS MAR07. Courtesy of some young fella named Rob.
  15. I use the Amazon wicking in my Aristocrat . Bob told me how to hot glue them to make correct size. I have never had an issue with mine going too high in humidity. I have also never had any condensation form from the cooling units. What temp are you keeping yours at ?
  16. While I tend to agree with Piggy that construction is the main culprit for tunneling I do believe an overly humidified cigar or outdoor conditions can cause this issue sometimes. For the most part if they start tunneling I toss it and start another. Today I smoked a rather awsum Sig VI from 03. It was fantastic all the way thru to the last 2 inches when it went south and started to tunnel. Kind of wonder why it went south that far along . A rock hard cherry is poor construction/draw to me.

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