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  1. ponfed

    How lucky is she

    Are we sure she hasn't been freejacked?
  2. ponfed

    Favorite classical music piece, or movement

    I don`t think I had ever heard this one all the way through... when the whole orchestra picks up the minor key theme in the middle... that`s something else. It's like Perlman introduces it, passes it to Yo-Yo Ma and BOOOM the orchestra picks it up. Great pick (is that Kent Nagano?)
  3. ponfed

    Favorite classical music piece, or movement

    One of my goals is to hear it live in a hall with a solid, big ol' pipe organ. When that Cmaj kicks in on the organ later it's supposed to be bowel loosening..... Edit: Dear Lord is that second movement kicking my a%&! Good pull!
  4. I'm well versed in and appreciate most music genres. Some I love, some I appreciate for what it is, but I'm not a judgy type. But tonight I wanna talk classical. I say that because talking classical music can seem pretentious or elitist and I don't want to appear as such. It's just another genre of music that has it's own history, customs, cannon etc. So I'm completely hung up tonight on the 1st movement of Brahms 4th symphony. I think right now it's my favorite piece of classical music (I realise it's a Romantic piece but you know...) This Bernstein version for example kicks ass. What's your favorite? Any period, any style. Doesn't have to be western/European either. Any fans of Indian, Chinese or Japanese classical or historical art music, or of any other culture, are welcome to chime in. Cheers
  5. I haven't seen the movie yet BUT, just by the trailer and the few scenes I watched here and there... by God what a fine Freddy Mercury he does! It's uncanny really. Makes you believe he really sings.
  6. ponfed

    Favorite movie featuring the military?

    I'm not a huge fan of war movies or military movie. Not a lot of military tradition in my family either, so no tradition of war stories, so it`s not in my genes. However, I have a huuuuge soft spot for The Dirty Dozen. My father loved that movie and invited me to watch it with him when it was playing on some premium cable channel that was unscrambled for a few days. I was ten. Love those psychopaths, murderers and (implied) sex offenders showing up the elite troops! Love that movie!
  7. ponfed

    Aging and Resting

    I think this hits the nail on the head. In 5 years, or 10 years, what you know about cigars, resting and aging will be what works for you and your circumstances. And all the happenstance, circumstances and unpredictable s$it that will affect your smoking enjoyment, will make you an expert in aging YOUR cigars for YOUR pleasure. By all means, read what other people say, try out things, ask questions. But above all, relax. Enjoy yourself. The rest hardly matters in comparison.
  8. ponfed

    Best moment in the Haunting of Hill House

    It is... YMMV of course, and there are a few flaws here and there but nothing that diminishes it. I feel it`s something that people are gonna talk about in the future as a ground breaking, seminal thing, like we talk about The Shining, Ringu, or The Exorcist.
  9. ponfed

    Best moment in the Haunting of Hill House

    No I meant my 3rd viewing of the entire series... hence the crying. I'm a big fan of horror. Most genre of horror except maybe the straight up pure torture porn. (Like, I've seen Hostel, it was ok but I don`t feel like diving in that stuff) But I have never seen anything quite like this. It stays with you and hits you in spots that very few horror fiction hits you in. And as rguinn said, the acting is superb. And it`s heavy stuff too, especially for the kids. They were right on the money. It could very easily have veered into sappy melodrama, and maybe some people think it did. But in my book, the acting is solid and weighty it gives life to this very convoluted story. I haven`t been this thrilled at a piece of fiction since... I don`t even know....
  10. I saw a mod make a thread about Better Call Saul vs Breaking Bad, so I'm thinking that it`s okay to make a pop culture thread once in awhile.... Sorry if it`s off topic and if nobody saw this show or if nobody is interested in this thread. Mods, no offence taken if you kill this one. *************Spoliers ahead ***************** What was you favorite moment in HOHH, Scary, Sad, Disturbing, Melancholy whatever. And yes I am obsessed with this show and just finished my 3rd viewing. No I'm not even crying right now,,,, (I cried a bit earlier) My favorite bit I think, is during the reveal of the Bent Neck Lady when she appears to young Nell on the couch, parallel to the ground. Realising what is going on, she repeats just under her breath : "No no no no no no no no no" just before getting to the first appearance where she screams like a banshee. Second place is the reveal of why Luke was robbing Steven in the first episode. As a recovering alcoholic, the representation of the rehab place, and the NA meeting where he gets his 9 month chip really hit me as being really really true to life. So I am bound to Luke more than most. This ranking changes hourly. I'm just obsessed. Also I'm sick as a dog and haven`t enjoy a cigar in like a week... 😩 So sorry again, but if anyone else is smitten by this thing, this is your place.
  11. ponfed

    strange things one sees

    I know it's a worn out cliche, but I really can't imagine living in a place where you can randomly encounter a four feet long death sausage while hanging out on your balcony. I bitch about the winter here up north, but it's comforting to know that freezing cold 4 to 5 months a year prevents any of these critters to thrive... Just to be clear, I have no problem with snakes. It's the painful death that kills my enthusiasm...
  12. At this moment, I'm going through all the film/tv podcasts that I enjoy to hear any reviews or discussions of The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix. I just finished it and I'm desperate to talk about it or discuss it furrher but none ot my friends has seen it yet. That show blew my mind 6 ways from Sunday. Scary, unsettling, emotionally devastating, full of dread and sadness and the tiniest hint of hope just to leave you holding on to something. Highly recommended. I thought about showing it to my 6 year old daughter, but you know.....she has crap taste in movies/tv shows. 🤪
  13. In Quebec, there is a wonderful, sharp, crisp, aromatic, refreshing, spruce beer: Bière d'épinette Marco. That nectar of the gods has been on the shelves since the 50s and it's wonderful. It's not for the faint of heart. And I'm not sure it pairs with any cigar. But by God, on a summer afternoon in 40C heat with shirt wetting humidity, this is heaven. They did change their packaging recently. Now it's in a regular longneck beer style bottle. But it's still jaw clenchingly acidic, bitter sweet and spruce needle laden. If you're ever in my corner of Canada at some point and you got that monstrous thirst going on, you owe yourself a bottle.
  14. ponfed

    Aging and Resting

    That's true. Forget about Cohibas (maybe a single here or there). EL and ER also. Concentrate on regularly available regular production cigars.

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