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  1. Thank you. I'm so glad that my pain was entertaining. And to all of you who posted their indoor, decked out and all decorated, full bar smoking lounges, I will be lowered in the cold Quebec ground cursing your name. (To those who messaged me apologizing for "hijacking" my thread, I assure you it was all in jest.)
  2. Thank all. Sorry for the derail.
  3. I wanted to let everyone give real content, before I ask my question. BUT, as a ESL, I have to know: Isn't a brickbat just a brick? Am I missing something? I
  4. ponfed

    Online Dating Sites?

    I don't have the stats to back me up, but given what I think the membership looks like in terms of gender, I feel like one particular demographic/preference will be overserved, while the rest might find themselves dry. 😉
  5. I kind of agree with you seriously, but unless you have another source of revenue, or at the very least a house already paid, your not gonna go far with 25k. Most types of small businesses won`t have any profit in the first year, even if it ends up successful. Anybody has the same idea?
  6. I feel that I could start an innovative business that would research, in real time, different processes by which one could blow through 25k by spending it on random bullshit. I don't know that it would last though.... hard to keep that *spark* going.
  7. ponfed

    Online Dating Sites?

    I mean... we went on a few dates..... But seriously? I waited until we were all together with our brothers, and waited until the conversation lent itself to quoting a sentence of her profile... pretty proud of my patience on that one. Her face going from laughing, to confusion, to realization was priceless!😂 It was all good natured though. Not mean.
  8. There wasn't any cigar in the cockpit, but questions like that always remind me of the guy in the orbital module around the moon when the other guys were ont the surface. When the module was on the other side of the moon, that guy was the farthest away from a human being that any human being has ever been....
  9. ponfed

    Online Dating Sites?

    I'm like 6 months out of a 12 year relationship. Not quite ready to dive in yet, but I signed up to a few just to see what was going on nowadays. First look at Tinder, my sister came up..... 🤣 Also, as I said I'm just kinda looking at people, but one thing drove me insane. People, women* in my case, who express profound disdain or outright hostility to the idea that someone would be looking for a one night stand on tinder. I'm certainly not judging either way. People want what they want and if you're looking for something serious it certainly is good that you say it in your profile. But you don't have to say like :"Filthy bunch of subhuman degenerates who are just looking for sex, you can rot in hell with your mother and swipe left." I mean, calm down. You're on Tinder. Some people are just looking for no strings attached sex. It's not a personal attack. *Not all women are like that either, just saying.
  10. ponfed

    The Audio Files

    So Ken, and I ask this sincerely and as a fellow fan of the boss: Has there been a video review recorded from your porch that didn't feature Bruce as a soundtrack? It's an honest question, as sometimes I can't quite hear what's playing.
  11. ponfed

    aussie accents

    You have no idea how I sympathize. Coming back from a few weeks abroad, when I got in line for the flight back to Montreal, I wanted to pierce my eardrums cause of people speaking French Quebecois. It sounded so, trashy and vulgar and just unrefined. Then I realised that I sound like that too... existential dread. On the plus side, the daycare for our daughter is staffed by mostly Algerian Canadian, who speak a lovely International French with a nice, but slight, accent. So our daughter sounds much better than we do, while letting out a few Algerian style : "J'te jure!" or " ah j'men vais aut'part!" for color.
  12. ponfed

    The Audio Files

    But seriously, when I saw the thread title, I really thought it was secret recordings of the Cuba trip. Full of gossip, slurs and personal insults, and illegal dealings. Fairly disappointed.
  13. I freakin pitched a cigar tonight.... it was a Quintero cause I figured I might. IT IS FREAKING MINUS 20C THIS EVENING( well minus 17 right now. Yeah!) My heater just said "a screw your a%$". Actually I think the propane tired of the unjust constraint of the Law of ideal gas and became a liquid. At least it was a Quintero. Still makes me mad.
  14. I've never wanted to punch a joke in the throat before....... Still laughing though!
  15. I store my cigars 10 degrees below combustion. My hygrometer seems unreliable, but no mold..... My family doesn't like it though.

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