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  1. I will add to the positive reviews. I ordered one over a month ago and it has worked perfectly. I just wonder why I waited so long to buy one. If you're on the fence just order one. The first couple tight draws it saves will make it worth the investment.
  2. Sounds like a great day! Now run it back today for a back to back.
  3. My only experience with SP is the Molinos. I wish I could find more of them. The box Rob hooked me up with are just fantastic. I was really hoping the beli would scratch that itch but it doesn't sound like they will do that. Doesn't it figure the box that really does it for you is discontinued. Lol
  4. I agree CB. I've had a few duds here and there but over all pretty good luck. I'm going to stay optimistic for the last 9.
  5. Superiores for me. I've never had a bad Sup. The only club I've tried just would not burn. Layed them down for 3 months and dry boxed it for 2 days and it wouldn't stay lit. I am hoping the next 9 are better.
  6. How do these compare to the discontinued Molinos? Love the Molinos.
  7. I have Maui Jim and Costa. Both are very good and would purchase them agian.
  8. The fresh Lusi's I smoked this Summer were very good. I can't comment on the others.
  9. Had a winnie from 08 that was just awesome. I would be happy if I could smoke that cigar the rest of my existence. I really dig the VR Maestros from about that time frame too.
  10. I had the same experience with the same cigar about 6 years ago. Still remember it like it was yesterday. 2 hours of deep recliner sitting because I was afraid to move. Lol
  11. I would like to know who has Winnies in stock.



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