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    Cigars, guns and cigars.
  1. My golden retriever.
  2. KKFF

    Monster 127kg Catfish Caught In Italy

    Wowzers! That's a huge catfish!
  3. KKFF

    Should I tell him?

    Now. That said, this is prolly one of the worst fakes I've ever seen. Then again, I haven't really seen a great deal of them. I have been hosed a few times myself though.
  4. KKFF

    Do you remember?

    I often skim through the newest CA magazine as I smoke a cigar at the local lounge. LOTS of advertisements!
  5. KKFF

    Cohiba Robusto

    I've got some coros from 2013 and a few left from 2011 and they are smoking wonderfully.
  6. KKFF

    My Stash

    Great selection!
  7. KKFF

    Montecristo Petit No.2

    I go back and fourth on whether or not I want to buy these. I think I want to try them again.
  8. I wanna try the Johnny O robustos. I had one that was gifted to me that I love. It wasn't a robust though. It was quite a bit larger.
  9. KKFF

    Tapatalk Help

    This. Newest is not bad after you figure it out. As Rye mentioned, still no polls.
  10. That's a good thought. I was shocked to see him go in the first round. He has some obvious off the field issues while even in college. The Browns rolled the dice with a 1st round draft pic and now they are paying for it. That said, he's a wonderful talent. I hope he gets his act together and pulls his head from his bum. I just don't think he's what a franchise needs in a QB.
  11. Money doesn't mean anything to him. He comes from a wealthy family therefore seems entitled.

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