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  1. Fair, but Lanceros are the real difference. "IF" you can even find them. Cohiba Lancero: $625-650 Trinidad Fundadores: $400-450 Monte Especiales $350-400 Most NC Lanceros 200-300. I find more boutique NC brands are starting to embrace the lancero, corona and lonsdale at reasonable prices while Cuba continues to get rid of them. My two favorite cigars at the moment aside from my NC Caldwell lanceros 85 for $750 are JSK Tyrannical Buc Connecticut Corona at $8 and Warped Cloud Hopper Corona at $6. Make Cuban Lanceros Great Again.... and reasonably priced.
  2. Please tell me that its not Secreto in Ferndale lol. Also, is the second Big Rock? Lets meet for a cigar.
  3. I believe it is in order to reduce the ABV and solute. When too high the saturation prevents the ability to distinguish flavors on the palate. IMHO.
  4. Most consistent: All Punch, Cohiba Lancero and Esplendido Least: Monte, All other Cohiba, most robustos.
  5. F: Punch Ninfas K: Any monteseco such as the RyJ wide Chruchill (55x5.1) or the HURR M: Cohiba lancero
  6. I think it would depend on the availability. For instance, it's fairly difficult to get Monte especiales or CoLa at the moment. If the brand only had a montecarlos, slim pantela (MDO no 4) and a petite corona that was readily available it would likely suffer. BUT, if the Double lancero was available all over it would thrive.
  7. Por Larranaga 109 Simon Chase shiny UK style bands. Packaging similar to the Bushido but also available in 50 cabs.
  8. which one? Always looking for one in the future to smoke in.
  9. The better question: What cigar is that? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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