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    College, booze, cuban cigars and cheap women.

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Lant63's Feedback

  1. teamrandr left Positive feedback   

    Beat me up in a PIF great guy

    Lant63 was Trading

  2. HarveyBoulevard left Positive feedback   

    Always a good trade parnter. Thanks Leo!!

    Lant63 was Trading

  3. HarveyBoulevard left Positive feedback   

    Great trader. A pleasure and would trade again.

    Lant63 was Trading

  4. KB24 left Positive feedback   

    No issues what so ever. Great BOTL. Thanks Leo

    Lant63 was Trading

  5. polarbear left Positive feedback   

    Did a trade with Lant. Went smoothly. Would Happily Trade With Again

    Lant63 was The Seller

  6. tmac77 left Positive feedback   

    Great trade for a box of my favorites.

    Lant63 was Trading

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