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  1. MattW

    Taboo (Tom Hardy)

    It's been fantastic so far, really enjoying this one!
  2. A couple of recent smokes: HdM Le Hoyo Du Prince (RAE JUN 14) - Always reliable! Vegas Robaina Short Robaina - Andorra Regional 2014 (SUE JUL 14) - Finally cracked open the box I bought earlier this year. It certainly hit the ground running, medium-to-full bodied, very earthy with an underlying cedar flavour, also a touch of dark chocolate at times. Overall a great little cigar, although I personally think they need just a tad longer as it felt a little rough round the edges at points.
  3. Better late than never.... Got back from a fantastic holiday in Varadero about a month ago. Picked up two boxes of Diplomaticos Excelencias (SGA DIC 15) from one of the LCDH in Varadero, Calle 63 y 1ra Avenida. Then also picked up a cabinet of BBF (RAE MAY 15) from the Partagas Factory.
  4. Fantastic review! I've still got 1 single sat in my humi which I bought when they first came out... Just haven't found the right time for it.
  5. Glad England managed to pull some points out of the bag yesterday!!!
  6. Hi Guys, I'm off to Varadero (and Cuba) for the first time next Thursday with the Girlfriend, staying at the Royalton Hicacos for 2 weeks, very excited! I know there are a few guides about which I've had a perusal through, but I wanted to double check a few bits. 1) Any general tips and must-dos in Varadero specifically? 2) Where's best to check out in Varadero for cigars? I hear differing reports of the various stores. 3) I'll be taking GBP with me, what's the best solution for changing cash? Airport, hotel, bank in Varadero or doesn't really make a difference? 4) Best way to do a day tr
  7. Magnum 48 LE 2009 from the recent cab I picked up. These are definitely starting to mellow out, but still a great smoke!
  8. Got two boxes of the new Dip in last week, giving them a few weeks down before trying, looking forward to it!
  9. Couple of cigars this weekend, PL Secretos and Diplo Coleccion Privada, both are definitely hitting their stride now. The Diplo was just pure sugar and candyfloss/marshmallow when it first came out, however this one started off as salted popcorn and evolved into a salted caramel sort of flavour, very interesting!
  10. I've got two boxes inbound, looking forward to trying! Don't normally go for anything more than one box without trying a cigar first, but I got caught out by the Diplo RE for Spain a few years ago and it still pains me that I could never get a 2nd box.
  11. Much appreciated, thanks! I'm off to Cuba for the first time in 4 weeks time and this will definitely prove useful.
  12. I don't smoke all that much due to the British weather, so I'm a big fan of 10 count boxes so I can stock a good variety.
  13. Looking forward to these, interested to see how they end up pricing wise.
  14. Very excited for this one, is looking great!

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