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  1. Dang!!! Where did you get all those sharks? I only have two left and would luv to buy a box!
  2. Got my 2nd Pfizer vac today. Arm a little sore, but not falling off.....yet. And some peeps at choir tonight said I look like a zombie. 🤣 I told them I would eat their brains, but knowing them, I would prolly starve! 😂
  3. I signed up on my counties website since I'm 65. I'm number 67,283 on the waitlist. Hoping I don't catch this crap before my vac!
  4. I have had the same experience with Cohiba pyramides extra's. Why I stopped buying them.
  5. Hi Ken, hope I'm not bursting your gameday. The Skins (oooooppppssss..WFT...screw that...) beat the unbeatable! Skins win 23-17 against the steel wall in Heinz 57 field! Tied with the blue balls for first!
  6. Really a shame. I have a 2000 #1 just been saving. Last out of a box I bought. All have had the fruit in spades. Sorry yours was flat.
  7. Well, I guess it's time to open one and savor.
  8. The regular Sobremesa Brûlée isn't the cigar everybody was talking about. It is the Sobremesa Brûlée Blue. I bought a five pack and the STFU! pack of five. I've smoked all the five pack (not the STFU!) and they were as you described. Sweet on the initial first puffs, then that dissipates. I found the blue to be mild medium with creaminess and nuts. Overall, still a good cigar.
  9. I am also sorry to hear that. My deepest condolences and prayers to you and your family. He was a great Father and family man to my ears.
  10. I also get the cinnamon and white pepper. But mine are medium bodied. And the ash tends to fall off very quickly.

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