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  1. Despite Hopkins, the WTF's are 1-1! With the win in the division! Gotta like that! Hog's Haven (WTF website) Luvs some Heineke!
  2. Yes they are a pretty good smoke. Sometimes vendors will have a sale on them at $80 for a box of ten. I bought a couple boxes of them at that price.
  3. Heard these were pretty good. So I bought a 10'er.
  4. My B&M texted me and said they had my Father's Day present waiting. So I booked on over and.....I'm a very happy Dad! 😁
  5. I read scifi on my kindle. Once a week, I go to the B&M where I'm a member to reconnect with the guys (kind of like Cheers 😁 )
  6. Dang!!! Where did you get all those sharks? I only have two left and would luv to buy a box!
  7. Got my 2nd Pfizer vac today. Arm a little sore, but not falling off.....yet. And some peeps at choir tonight said I look like a zombie. 🤣 I told them I would eat their brains, but knowing them, I would prolly starve! 😂
  8. I signed up on my counties website since I'm 65. I'm number 67,283 on the waitlist. Hoping I don't catch this crap before my vac!
  9. I have had the same experience with Cohiba pyramides extra's. Why I stopped buying them.
  10. Hi Ken, hope I'm not bursting your gameday. The Skins (oooooppppssss..WFT...screw that...) beat the unbeatable! Skins win 23-17 against the steel wall in Heinz 57 field! Tied with the blue balls for first!

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