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  1. So the liquor stores have plenty of Blanton's? Can't get it here in N. Texas. Very nice haul!
  2. I don't believe the 98 or 02 are that bad. I've had 98 HDM Churchills that were awesome. Clove, cream and spice. Not a tent peg in any of them. Now, 99-01? Really bad. I had an 00 box of Des Dieux that all were unsmokeable. And I foolishly paid a high price not knowing about the three bad years.
  3. Nice. Should be 65/65 in a couple of days. My 251S took three days to get there.
  4. Used to live in the republikofmerryland. Now live in the Great state of Texas. Batch #1gA5 whatever that means.
  5. A friend of mine made it for free. Like it so much that I can't put any ashes in it.
  6. Little bit of MM and Diet Coke. However, just picked up this nice bottle of Willett.
  7. Donkey C**ks. Why use all that tobacco to make a baseball bat? Cottage cheese. Yuck! Why would anyone eat curdled sour milk?
  8. Dang! I had a BTO 13 Behike 54 box. But I had it turned into an ashtray. I could have sold it for 10,000 pounds! Rats!
  9. Very good review. I like the 54's a lot more than the 50's. A lot more flavor to them.
  10. Congrats RubenF! I won the super power invisible/flying comp last week. Can't wait to see what mine is also.
  11. 74.2* fahrenheit? Need to get into the 60's and wait 30 days.

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