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  1. Elmer Fudd to Bugs Bunny, "You Wascally Wabbit!!!"
  2. I prefer the 7 year to the Maestros. But to me the Zacapa 23 yr old is the way to go.
  3. I have a staple of cuban cigarsI Singles up top (customs/ Warped/ Davidoff/ Daughters of the Wind/ Padron's). But I do have four boxes of Trinidad's in there (La Trova/ Topes/ Coloniales/ Vigias).
  4. I luv 'em all! Club Havana Monsdale/ Alex Puntilla/ PAPO BHK 54/ HLP 54
  5. Tasting cc's and nc's, I always retrohale.
  6. Actually do both in our household. Wife cooks, I do dishes. And the wife is a clean person, so laundry is done almost everyday.
  7. I lived in the DC suburbs (Maryland) for 51 years. Was a Senators and Skins fan. Dad and my brother took me to many games. When Short took the Senators to Texas, I was truly sad. Except the Skins were a winning organization then. So for baseball, there was only the Orioles. Until the Expos came in 2005. Then the O's became a sideshow for me. And now, 14 years later, The Nats are World Series Champions! Believe the last one was in 1924, long time coming.
  8. I liked camping when I was a Boy Scout. I'm not a Boy Scout anymore. Hotel for me.
  9. And now up 2-0 and going home. Could this be the NATS year? We shall see. Superb pitching by Sanchez and Scherzer. Now for Strasberg to do his thing!

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