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  1. Smooth, crunchy only if necessary.
  2. I like the A a lot more than the B. The B is milder and the ash flakes off onto my clothing whereas the A burns pretty good. I keep my sticks at 65/65 in my wineador.
  3. Just a question. How long does it take between winning a bid and receiving the box?
  4. In the future (100 years from now, not in my lifetime).
  5. Prayers for you and your family Joe.
  6. This. What pocket did he take it out of?
  7. Genios here. Smoked through a box of Magicos and thought I should have bought a box of robustos instead. Do like the Genios.
  8. Agreed. Are we sure Dannyboy and the allen are still in charge of this? 😱🤣
  9. If it's any indication, the HDM DD and LGCMDO2's will go really fast at a very high price. The LGC to me would be worth it though.

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