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  1. So Ken likes the long thick ones, eh? 😄
  2. alloy

    Box of the Day

    WOW! That sheen!
  3. Along with Ken...HTTR!!!
  4. alloy

    Cuba 2018

    So envious.
  5. This. I wouldn't have even shown the POS the Cohiba.
  6. That's just Awesome CM! I'm so glad you found your Father's side. Maybe have them all over for a BBQ!
  7. Fonseca #1's always have a floral smoke aroma.
  8. RyJ short Churchills or QDO 50's.
  9. Trinidad Fundadores on my dessert island!
  10. alloy


    Maybe a dumb question, but what is an "Orchant Selection?" Never heard of it.
  11. Either does it for me. In Texas though, when it gets to be triple digit heat, I head for the cigar lounge. They have a good ventilation system (even though I still smell like a chimney when I come home according to my wife lol ).
  12. alloy

    the taj mahal

    In 1963, while Dad was stationed in Bangkok, the family took a trip to New Delhi, India. While there, we visited the Taj Mahal. Got to go inside the dome and there was so much bat guano and the stench was terrible. However, I found the monkeys intriguing and very playful. But all they wanted was some food. Very peaceful grounds (back then).
  13. Great and spot on review! I have two left out of a fiver I bought. Each of the three I smoked were just like your review. Should I keep my last two for five more years?

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