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  1. Yippee Kai Yay MF'er! And "You are one ugly MF'er! 🤣 Luv me some Bruce and Arnold...
  2. Used to play king of the hill in a new subdivision. The biggest dirt hill, the first group would rain dirt clods down on all who tried to take the top. Won a lot. Bloodied a lot of kids.
  3. Bought these from the B&M I'm a member of. Been waiting a long time for these. Eye Of the Shark.
  4. Probably Trubisky. Then take Willett or Corrall with the 11 pick. Please no Jimmy G!
  5. RIP Meatloaf. Remember listening to Paradise By The Dashboard Lights in my 64 Chevelle Malibu station wagon as my girlfriend and I were parking. Never got past third base. 😁
  6. I can relate to all. I guess getting older is better than the alternative, eh? 😁
  7. Have a bundle of N1's ordered. Last time I ordered only N3's. They were ok, but peeps were reporting the N1's were fantastic. Felt I had missed out, so am rectifying that mistake this time.
  8. Peeps gonna do what they want. But if y'all aren't vaxxed, don't be coughing cigar smoke my way.
  9. F' the cowgirls! Been a Skins fan since 1966 when my Dad took me to a game and saw Sonny throw to Walter "The Flea" Roberts. I now live in a northeast suburb of dallas (no state income taxes...Heh...Heh) and still hate 'em. I do remember being at RFK in the end zone seats and the fans had them going up and down. Ahhh...the days of Jack Kent Cooke! Not this POS owner that owns the team now. I understand from a few Skins sites that most fans are being priced out for tickets. $500 for standing room 400 level seats. I guess only rich cowgirl fans will be in attendance, So sad. Thanks Dan Shyster!

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