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  1. I’ve also had a bad experience with the Boveda Butler. Bought 4, but only 3 worked. Those 3 give very inconsistent readings even compared to each other. Will be switching to the Sensor Push.
  2. Tough question. While not technically in a box, I’d pull my stash of Taboada customs. The rest are mostly replaceable, though at an incredible price.
  3. Obviously “going deep” has different meanings for others, but for me it means 3-4 boxes. I don’t sell on the secondary market and so getting multiple boxes is just for the collector/hoarder in me and personal satisfaction. I plan to smoke everything I buy, hopefully over many decades. I went “deep” on the Mag 56 EL, and looking at the recent auction prices I am happy I did. Currently picking up excess boxes of Connie B’s, mostly because I’m “concerned” future years won’t be as good as the release-year boxes. I’ve also been picking up my share of Connie A, as the last two years and this year’s boxes have been fantastic (to me). Skinnies across the board, but especially Cohiba as the prices go up each year. I think others are right that Siglo VIs and any other hard-to-find Cohibas are a good bet, but gosh, they are just so hard to find! I’ve been accumulating boxes of SCDLH for the last few years as I’m worried any one of the sticks could get cancelled. I adore them all. And, while not necessarily “going deep,” but I’ve tried to pickup at least 1, and sometimes 2, of the remaining 50-cab offerings as those seem endangered to me.
  4. A few of my good friends since high school are all traveling to Austin, TX, where we all went to college together. Hook ‘em Horns!! A few flying in from the East Coast. 6 families, 15 kids combined. All ages. 4.5 days. Gonna hang out at Barton Creek pool, deep eddy, and check out the fire works at Town Lake. Will show the kids the bats at Congress Avenue Bridge. See if we can get a pickup b-ball game at gregory gym. Tour UT’s campus. Eat lots of BBQ! Including at salt lick. Tex-mex galore. Mexican martinis at Trudy’s. Reminisce like the old people we are and bore our kids with stories from our past. Looking forward to it!

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