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  1. boopdeep


    Des Dieux are terrible. Just forget about them. You don’t want any of those. Putrid. 😬😬😎
  2. boopdeep


    My one experience doing this was terrible. Upon entering Mexico from Cuba, my cigars were held ransom until I paid about $250 in cash to the agent. Not having much cash left on me after Cuba, I had to go to an ATM, which, of course, none of them in the closest 2 terminals worked. I finally got the cash and paid the arbitrary amount after about 1 hour delay. And, of course, 1 box was mysteriously missing. Ive heard of others with similar stories. My experience is that Mexico scans every bag coming in, so difficult to get passed without being noticed.
  3. boopdeep

    AP Regional Help

    Whatever it is, make it a 50-cab!
  4. well, just today, i paid the in-flight fee for wifi to make sure i had access to 2424.... justify it by "working" as well...
  5. I find the RJ Churchill an excellent cigar, even when young. HDM DC as well. Young, i'd take those two. With more than a couple of years, the SW and Lusi's really shine.
  6. I’ve always enjoyed the Juan Lopez No. 2 on the course.
  7. Pulled this one out from the depths of the humidor. Strong barnyard smell. Started off with with a woody mushroom taste that developed into a salty mushroom taste with a classic twang. Draw was a little tight, and opened it up with a perfect draw. good cigar. 90 points.
  8. Juan Lopez 2 H Upmann Connie A Partagas Shorts Ramon allones specially select
  9. Yup - natural black walnut. Good eye. It’s a custom size, but is basically the size of an M-Plus.
  10. Received mine late last week. Still seasoning it. Dual sides. This one is for my office.
  11. boopdeep

    Chicago help, please

    I recently visited Biggs. Paid the day pass price (~$70-75 i believe). One of the nicer places I have ever smoked.
  12. boopdeep


    Winter is coming
  13. Fact check complete. All accurate. No fake news here. Carry on....
  14. boopdeep

    Yee-Haw, Mate!

    Good to see El Arroyo still doing its sign. I lived close-by 15 years ago, and always looked forward to its updates when driving by.
  15. boopdeep

    email of the week

    Prez, sounds like you obviously owe this guy replacement boxes....

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