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  1. Sorry, I don’t recall. But, I live in Texas, so if I were forced to lay a bet, I’d say they travelled in some heat.
  2. For whatever this is worth (small sample size and anecdotal) - but I ordered a sampler of 10 of these in the early 2010s. They were fresh at the time. Smoked 3-4 of them over the next year and hated them. I actually wrote off the ERDM brand. I Stumbled across them in my humidor about a year or less ago, and gave one a whirl. Absolutely fantastic. Floral and citrus. Smoked another a month later, and same thing. In my position, and as a result of my experience, I would absolutely buy an aged box.
  3. About 8-9 years ago, I opened a box of Trinidad Reyes that completely reeked as if they had been drenched in vinegar. It took a couple of years for it to completely dissipate and they always tasted/smoked fine. It was different from the green or fresh smell. Occasionally, I may get a whiff of it here or there, particularly in a 3/5 cardboard pack, but nothing like the pungency of those Reyes. what’s interesting is that OP @Hibauchery appears to smell it in a variety of different cigars and not an isolated box.
  4. I’ve always enjoyed Juan Lopez No. 2 while golfing.
  6. Incredible work. Beautiful humidor. Bravo!
  7. This has been one of my favorite things on the internet during Corona break. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Been enjoying refreshing Gin Fizz: Healthy addition of Gin to shaker. Add 1 egg white. Squeeze half a lemon. 2 dashes Simple syrup. Shake shake shake. add ice to shaker. Shake shake shake. Pour into glass and add soda water to full. Finish with lemon peel.
  9. I highly recommend Arturo. Great guy, very reliable and punctual, and has great contacts in cigar shops as he was in the industry for 25 years. We used him for 4 days in November, and there is no question that I'll be using him for every trip from here on out. Here's his contact (very responsive on WhatsApp) :
  10. I recently picked up a box of LMB Nov 18. Please tell me these will not be discontinued!!
  11. My first time to Cuba I passed up a half dozen LGC No 2 boxes (and other LGC that had been discontinued) that were already a couple years old bc I was not “familiar” with them. Same trip, I opened about 3-4 boxes of 1966 in 2 shops that had beetle holes and then decided not to buy any despite most shops having boxes and boxes available. Then, about a year ago, a friend that knew I was looking for a box of 2010 BHK 56 found a box for around $1,100, and I, regretfully, passed. Then FOH auction site started and I realized what a mistake I had made.
  12. Too funny. I can confirm an FOH member was at the shop at opening and the manager found his inquiry amusing. I went later in the afternoon with a friend of the manager’s, and all she said was that she got 6 boxes last week and they were sold. interesting that she confirmed some boxes, and so I am sure there were more.
  13. Just got back. They are not on shelves but they are in the stores. Like the La Isla, they are numbered to 10,000 and will surely be piled up on shelves soon. La Isla were everywhere.
  14. I’ve also had a bad experience with the Boveda Butler. Bought 4, but only 3 worked. Those 3 give very inconsistent readings even compared to each other. Will be switching to the Sensor Push.

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