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    I really enjoy my German Cars, Cubans , and Coffee.....
    I unwind by the pool, listening to the Frank Sinatra station; puffing on a Puro. Life is good my friends......

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    For those having a tough time mentally and needing a hand. For those who have been through tough times mentally and would like to lend a hand. The club is really just offering a hand up to those who need it. if you need a hand, join. If you can lend a hand, join. You may be both!!!

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    I'm starting this club to see who here is from the Dallas-Ft.Worth area and would be up for meeting up maybe once a month for some cigars, whiskey or beer, and good conversation. The possibilities are endless for meet up places; possibly rotating meeting at folks homes on the weekend or a cigar bar?

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    Place for making new feature suggestions for cubancigarwebsite.com, correcting any content errors, let me know any omissions etc.

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