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    I really enjoy my German Cars, Cubans , and Coffee.....
    I unwind by the pool, listening to the Frank Sinatra station; puffing on a Puro. Life is good my friends......

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bugman78629's Feedback

  1. Duffer left Positive feedback   

    Another awesome trade with Ed, a true BOTL who knows and loves his cigars.

    bugman78629 was Trading

  2. Duffer left Positive feedback   

    2nd trade with Bugman in 10 days. This guy is truly a class dude. Well packaged, awesome product. Pleasure to deal with.

    bugman78629 was Trading

  3. Duffer left Positive feedback   

    Bugman is a great dude and has wonderful cigars. A true pleasure to trade with.

    bugman78629 was Trading

  4. seattledude left Positive feedback   

    Great guy. Awesome communication. Super safe packaging.

    bugman78629 was Trading

  5. ThePolskiOgorki left Positive feedback   

    Bugman is a class act.

    bugman78629 was The Seller

  6. DoubleDD left Positive feedback   

    Great BOTL, very trustworthy!

    bugman78629 was The Buyer

  7. Stanislaw left Positive feedback   

    Have known this guy for over a year now, trustworthy, knows what he likes!

    bugman78629 was The Buyer

  8. Hypersomniac left Positive feedback   

    Sent payment quickly. Very easy transaction.

    bugman78629 was The Buyer

  9. Stanislaw left Positive feedback   

    The man is quick on the draw when he sees something he likes...

    bugman78629 was The Buyer

  10. Stanislaw left Positive feedback   

    sends money fast and has great taste in cigars!!

    bugman78629 was The Buyer

  11. Hypersomniac left Positive feedback   

    Met up with him in Texas. Great guy, very generous and gave me some great cigars

    bugman78629 was Trading

  12. Stanislaw left Positive feedback   

    Ed has fine taste in cigars and is a cool dude! Enjoy the cigars!

    bugman78629 was The Buyer

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