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  1. My mostly analog modular synthesizer. I've built it myself.
  2. It is very hard to impose such a law here since the vast majority of the population are smokers. When you're out for a drink and 9 out of 10 people in the bar are smokers it becomes impractical to say the least. However there are some places which is strictly forbidden. We're also the first country in the EU to ban public use of e-cigs as far as I know. That being said, imho Polakis is a horrible person and a terrible minister.
  3. Very interesting project! It seems you have done an amazing job, especially with software development. 2 small remarks: 1) I see the dht22. If you ever need better sensors go with the sensirion ones. 2) Your humidity fluctuations are quite large. Beads will not help the problem. Beads are slow and your humidifying cycles are frequent, beads will not have enough time to buffer humidity. Additional air circulation may help. A dehumidifying unit will definitely help. Also try to make the differential value smaller if you have room there.
  4. A ptc heater? How interesting I never thought about it. I might get one for my freezador. I can wire it to ac and install a case a fan and a controller/relay if that's what needed. Which exact model are you using? I see they also do resistance heaters. Sent from my Mi-4c using Tapatalk
  5. Ray may I ask what exactly are you using as a heating element? Technology wise I mean. Sent from my Mi-4c using Tapatalk
  6. Anyone please? Its not like I can google this and I would really hate to buy something expensive that won't be optimal.
  7. I am not a programmer either, in fact I am complete beginner. I have several resources that might help and of course I can give you my own code. I'll send you a pm.
  8. Habaneros are way superior compared to other small Partagas IMHO. They need a bit of aging though.
  9. I am currently doing experiments with a chest freezer, a zip loc bag and a logger and everything is going well. However I am thinking of buying a large upright for the project and I am split between the 2 basic designs: either a frost free freezer which uses a fan to distribute cooling (as the OP) or the regular types with several cooling elements each placed on the bottom of each drawer. The latter option is cheaper as well. It is difficult to incorporate heating in the latter especially if you're using the plastic drawers/boxes but what I am really concerned about is the temperature unif
  10. They communicate with a (simulated) serial port. You can find tons of info online as well as in the brewpi project. Best of luck and don't forget to post all the gritty details!
  11. Hello. The whole thing works completely fine except the very occasional crash of the script that collects and uploads data (most of the times due to API errors). The script that controls the fans never failed, i know because I am logging it. If you want to perform critical control with these things (active humidifaction etc) it would be best to use an arduino for that job. Reason being that the arduino is a microconttroler that will never crash. You can still hook up the arduino to the rpi and have all the advanced functionality you may wish (screens, local/remote web server etc). If you h
  12. Go for it! Python is a very easy language. The door open sensor should be quite easy to implement as well. The humidity control should also be quite manageable especially if the humidor is not temperature-controlled. However you must be dead sure that it works 100% how it should because an error there can be detrimental to the cigars.
  13. Let us know how it progresses. Sounds like you're more experienced than me. I'd love to know the details.
  14. I just checked it. What makes you think that it's a better sensor than the AM2303? You can use very high-end sensors if you wish to. Problem is, if there is no available library for them you must be ready for reading binary data out of them and I don't know if I am there yet, There are no cold or heat sources in my coolidor, the sensor is placed in the middle of the thing.
  15. I am sure a SMS notification is feasible, a simple google search revealed at least 3 different ways to do that. The Rpi is much more powerful than the arduino. I guess its not really necessary because you can access the data from a mobile anyway but I may do it just for fun when I have time. You can also make an android widget if you 're capable. I have an old graph that it might interest you. This is during calibration using a tuperware and bovedas. What happens here is that the system is stabilized at 75, I open the tupperwear, replace the bovedas with 69 and close it. You can see how much

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