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  1. Unfortunately, my pulmonologist, respiratory therapist, and hospital resident would wholeheartedly disagree with the statement mycoplasma did not cause my interstitial scarring. Not only did mycoplasma scar my lungs, it is listed as the most common cause of interstitial scarring. My aunt had interstitial scarring from walking pneumonia and it cost her both of her lungs and eventually her life. She underwent heart lung transplant at University Alabama Birmingham in 1991. Most interstitial swelling or inflamation clears up on its own without the scarring. I lost 15% breathing capacity because of this. So it naturally caused concern for me possibly getting this infection from a cigar I smoked though the likely cause is what you said. Exposure from sputum coughed by another infected individual. But I am now more careful with cigars. If I see mold, it goes. I'm not smoking it.
  2. Noting that the specimens in the second batch were determined to be mostly Bacterial growth. That is troubling, especially considering one person who mentioned in this topic he witnessed rollers sneezing on the cigars. In November 2015, I got terribly sick which brought me to hospitalization in ICU in December 2015. It was determined I had mycoplasma infection in the lungs. There are 2 outcomes: Death or recovery. The reason is that in order to determine WHAT infection you have so it can be treated, can require more than 2 weeks of lab testing. Either you are young and have the constitution to recover from the infection or you're too young or too old to survive it. After it was diagnosed, I completed a regimen of antibiotics that cleaned the rest of it out. But the mystery was: Where did I get it? Doctor seemed to think I would have had to breathe in the mycoplasma in order to be infected. Was a cigar I smoked 'infected' with it? Who knows? But mycoplasma is a tough cookie because it is unlike most bacteria: It has no cell wall, hence why antibiotics don't work or at least your typical ones. I would be very careful to smoke any cigar that had molds, fungi, or other unidentifiable crud on it. My lungs are scarred (interstitial tissue scarring) for the rest of my shortened life due to this issue. Guys, it is simply not worth your health. If you don't know conclusively what it is, TOSS IT! "Mycoplasma are a mollicute genus of bacteria that lack a cell wall around their cell membranes. This characteristic, makes them naturally resistant to many common antibiotics such as penicillin or other beta-lactam antibiotics that target cell wall synthesis. They can be parasitic or saprotrophic."
  3. Not having access to a BST forum saves me money.
  4. Smoked several boxes with the old band. Never had any of the new band cigars.
  5. Box of Alec Bradley Maxx Box Press Churchills. They were **** when I got them in '09 and have only declined to unsmokeable now. 2 nd worse is a box of '98 Punch Coronas I got from an individual who was 'paring down his vintage collection'. Dowel pins is what they are. Plugged top to bottom. Unsmokeable.
  6. And it most likely will. Castro has nothing to offer so what makes him think he's in a position to demand anything?
  7. Looks like an old, authentic cigar to me. Note the patina on the foil. I have some 98's like that.
  8. Crappie is the best tasting fish in the states and catfish is a close second. Here's where my fishing spot is. A spring fed pond stocked full of catfish:
  9. I've only been into CC's for two years. If it weren't for the info on this site and many others, I may not have had the opportunities to enjoy this facet of cigar life. I'm not around much but things are changing so I may be able to visit more often and participate as well. With all that said, I say leave it public since there are many brothers, who, like me, are just starting in this coveted area of the hobby and to restrict it would not be in the spirit of what B'sOTL are all about. I like this place and do intend to be a customer as soon as economics change.
  10. You are correct that if they did, indeed, come out of a box with a February 14 date code, they are fakes. You are also correct that they discontinued these LCDH's in 2011.
  11. Bolivar Beli is fantastic. Keep them in my rotation.
  12. Used to get these scams all the time. Someone speaking broken English, the first thing they say, "You have WON!" Next thing they're wanting your CC info to 'claim' the prize.

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